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featured product: step one survey® 1

Studies show that more than $50 billion is annually lost due to employee fraud and theft. Similarly, negligence and improper hiring practices can also contribute to a business’s financial breakdown. With so much at stake, organizations need a way to hire employees they can trust. That’s where Step One Survey® can be the solution.

What Is the Step One Survey?

All organizations want to hire reliable employees with a high level of integrity who can be trusted. Still, few know how to identify individuals who can be the kind of team members they need. Pre-employment assessments like Step One Survey that measure (and provide actionable data of) the following four fundamental work-related values that are becoming pre-cursors to in-person interviews:

  • Integrity: How honest and trustworthy an applicant is in a working environment can be difficult to glean from a resume alone or even an interview. Step One Survey assessment provides organizations with data to evaluate an applicant’s attitude toward theft—including the theft of property, data, and time.
  • Substance abuse: The assessment will measure an applicant’s propensity for using illegal substances on the job. Remember, Step One Survey will only assess how applicants will conduct themselves in a work environment.
  • Reliability: Certain job roles require an applicant to be consistent in completing tasks on time and being present at work at the appointed hour. The assessment can give companies an idea of how reliable an applicant is based on responses to specifically designed and validated questions.
  • Work ethic: It’s impossible to precisely know how dedicated and hardworking an applicant will be. Fortunately, organizations can administer Step One Survey that present scenarios to gauge an applicant’s work ethic at previous jobs.

Which Job Roles Benefit Most from Step One Survey?

A recent study from the Rockefeller Institute found that 97% of companies say entry-level hires are essential for their business mission. However, building a talent pipeline can be challenging because employers may be overlooking applicants based on criteria that can quickly be developed and cultivated with the proper training. Step One Survey can help organizations assess the “non-trainable” aspects of an applicant’s nature to get the best person for the role.

Many industries can benefit from Step One Survey when looking to fill entry-level positions, food service positions, and construction positions. Additionally, the assessment works well for organizations looking to fill positions that work closely with money, front-line positions with stringent safety requirements, and positions where punctuality is of the utmost importance.

How Is Step One Survey an Effective Pre-Hire Solution?

Companies are looking for potential employees who are self-directed, instead of other-directed. In other words, they need people who can be valuable additions to teams and drive high-performance while being responsible and accountable for their actions in the workplace. Pre-employment assessments like Step One Survey are becoming a steadfast way to find individuals as dedicated to your business’s growth as you are. In fact, 82% of companies use some form of pre-employment assessment test to comb through hundreds of potential candidates. One feature that sets Step One Survey apart from other pre-hire assessments is that it can generate interview questions based on a potential candidate’s responses, giving hiring managers an additional tool to increase hiring effectiveness.

How Can Step One Survey Help Your Organization Succeed?

Not only does Step One Survey help discern an applicant’s natural qualities, but it also helps evaluate the applicant’s organizational and cultural fit. Companies can use the assessment to reduce impact in the following areas:

  • Loss of confidential information, trade secrets, and computer data
  • Drug testing costs
  • Absenteeism and tardiness
  • Loss of production time due to unauthorized computer, internet, and email usage

Remember, while Step One Survey can help find applicants with the right value to perform successfully in a job, it shouldn’t be used exclusively. A resume and references should be utilized in tandem with a pre-employment assessment to get a full snapshot of a potential employee.

Are You Ready for A Solution to Help Create Engaged Teams?

I’ve been on a mission to support companies in maximizing their bottom-line results by providing resources that help identify and develop influential leaders who positively impact their teams. Let me support you with the correct tool to enhance your leaders’ability to hire the right team members and improve your bottom line. Connect with me today so that we can get started.

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