PXT Select Hiring™

Stack The Odds In Your Favor & Hire Smart

PXT Select™ is an innovative candidate selection tool, enabling employers to kick off the selection process on the right foot. PXT Select™ is an assessment-based experience, generating nine unique reports to assess candidate skills, support managers in interviewing with confidence and increase the odds of success by hiring the right person for the right job from the start.


PXT Select™ is more than just a hiring and selection tool — it shapes the entire employee experience, from onboarding, to coaching and mentoring. With full access to a suite of reports, employers enable employees to reach their fullest potential in positions tailored towards their strengths, so they are doing work they truly love and getting results that are truly exceptional.


To make best use of this tool, check out The Case for Pre-Hire Assessments and learn what to avoid.

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One Assessment — Thirteen Reports — One Affordable Price:
  • Comprehensive Selection Report: prepare tailored interview questions and know “what to listen for” in the hiring process.
  • Multiple Positions Report: find the position most suited to the individual based on their inherent skills and abilities.
  • Multiple Candidates Report: compare multiple candidates for a position.
  • Performance Model Report: identify the ideal candidate for a single role.
  • Leadership Report: assess capabilities on six leadership competencies.
  • Team Report: assess candidate fit in an existing team or evaluate current team dynamics.
  • Manager-Employee Report: facilitate greater manager/employee relations.
  • Individual’s Feedback Report: give candidates access to beneficial feedback.
  • Individual’s Graph: visual representation of candidate performance.
  • Coaching Report: tailored coaching advice for each individual employee.
  • Sales Comprehensive Selection Report: focus on candidate’s approach to following critical sales practices
  • Sales Coaching Report: tailored coaching advice to further develop critical sales practices.
  • Sales Individual Feedback Report: feedback for the individual regarding how well they follow critical sales practices.

Learn more about each report in the PXT Select™ Report Guide.

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