Transforming Culture With Agile Leadership Webinar

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Transforming Culture With Agile Leadership

Now more than ever, organizations need to be agile to adapt to the rapid pace of change. They need self-directed team members who are engaged and take initiative. And this requires flexible, trusted, emotionally intelligent leaders. Agile leaders create agile workplaces.

Flexibility is a cornerstone of emotional intelligence. Flexible leaders are open-minded and adaptable. They see the needs of others as at least as important as their own and are willing to change their minds when presented with new information. This approach increases trust.

How do you help your managers develop the critical skills of flexibility and trust-building?

Join Keith Ayers, president of Integro Leadership Institute and author of Engagement is Not Enough and explore:

    • The impact of leader flexibility and trust on team performance
    • A method for measuring the flexibility and trust-building ability of your leaders
    • Steps you can take to improve the flexibility and trust-building skills of your leaders