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Take a Tour of the Everything DiSC on Catalyst Platform

Remote and hybrid work with all of its advantages has a big disadvantage. It is more difficult to foster connection, community, and workplace culture.

In a study by Airspace, C-Suite respondents said ensuring a sense of employee connection has been their #1 challenge with 92% saying their company’s culture and connection need improvement. Gallup found that 79% of remote workers have grown distant from their teams and disengaged from their jobs.

While it is possible to foster connection and community in a virtual environment it requires greater internationality. That’s where Everything DiSC on Catalyst comes in.


This innovative learning platform enables teams to establish connection and community more quickly and maintain it over time regardless of work setting. 

Everything DiSC on Catalyst

  • Provides the content from the Everything DiSC profiles along with videos and podcasts to help learners develop greater self-awareness as well as skills for more effectively communicating and collaborating.
  • Allows learners the opportunity to discover insights about colleagues and explore ways to communicate more effectively, navigate difficult situations, and work together more effectively.
  • Enhances teamwork by offering learners the opportunity to create group maps showing the styles of team members and visual representations of where they and their teammates fall on eight behavioral continua, such as skeptical versus accepting and tactful versus frank.

The Catalyst platform is designed to be used in both virtual and classroom settings. Three Everything DiSC applications: Everything DiSC WorkplaceEverything DiSC Management, and Everything DiSC Agile EQ are available on Catalyst.

The platform is designed to make the Everything DiSC learning journey more seamless and impactful for participants by integrating learning into the culture of the organization. In addition to a more impactful and lasting experience, Catalyst increases the organization’s return on investment in Everything DiSC.

Take the video tour and then contact us to learn about how Everything DiSC on Catalyst can help your organization build the connection, community, and workplace culture necessary to retain talent and achieve ongoing results.

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