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Having a Team of Smart People Is Not Enough

Are you frustrated by strategic planning that results in great strategies that never get implemented? Are you tired of team building that leaves everyone feeling great but doesn’t translate into measurable results?

It is only possible to execute on strategic initiatives when you have a high performing team.

In his book, The Advantage, Patrick Lencioni asserts that the most successful organizations are not only smart – competent at strategy, marketing, technology, and finance. They are also healthy – excelling at communication and collaboration while minimizing politics, confusion, and destructive conflict.

The problem is too often strategy development ignores team dynamics while team building lacks a focus on business results. You end up with either a smart team or a healthy one.

To succeed in today’s business environment, you need both.

Alignment and Trust:
The Foundation for High Performing Teams

Teams where trust is high, and members are aligned around a common purpose, values, vision, goals, priorities, and roles, are more likely to achieve their targets.


Organizations that prioritize collaboration and teamwork are four times more likely to experience improved profitability than those who don’t.

Our Solution: Strategic Team Development

Commitment, by all team members, to the strategic direction is critical to the successful execution of strategic initiatives. True commitment requires team members to be aligned around the strategic direction and willing to actively support that direction. Gaining this kind of commitment requires a high level of trust among team members.

Our strategic team development process combines strategy development and team building to ensure your team is both smart and healthy so you can execute on strategic initiatives
and achieve desired results – with less struggle and stress.

Developing an Aligned Team that Executes on Strategic Initiatives


Using the Team Alignment Survey developed by Integro Leadership Institute we assess the degree of team alignment around purpose, vision, values, goals, priorities, and roles, as well as the level of trust among team members.


Based on the Team Alignment Survey results, Action-Strategies-By-Design will help your team understand where, specifically, there is a lack of alignment and the steps needed to build both alignment and trust.


We then work with you and your team to develop greater trust, commit to an aligned strategic direction, and hold each other accountable to shared results.


Ongoing individual and team coaching is offered to help ensure a continued focus on team development and strategy implementation. Repeating the assessment process every six to nine months determines progress and identifies issues for resolution.

The Benefits of an Aligned Team


When there is trust among team members, they are willing to engage in healthy debate and dialogue and are open to hearing each other’s ideas. The result is alignment, collaboration, and teamwork that leads to new and better ways of doing things.


Collaboration and teamwork ultimately save time and lead to improved productivity by reducing finger-pointing, minimizing politics, and decreasing destructive conflict. This helps break down silos, supports more productive meetings, and enhances the speed and quality of decision making.


Teams aligned around a common purpose and strategic direction can engage in productive conflict around issues and ideas. They can then commit to a shared outcome enabling them to more quickly pivot in response to changes in the market and environment.

More innovation, increased productivity, and greater agility combine to enhance your organization’s competitive edge.
Imagine if your team:

  • Was aligned around a vision, strategy, and action plan for achieving goals
  • Was motivated, committed, and accountable to decisions
  • Dealt with issues proactively by strategizing, collaborating and problem solving
  • Took coordinated, consistent action toward implementation

What would it be like to lead this team? What could you achieve?

Ready to Get Your Team Aligned?

Request a complimentary consultation to see if our Strategic Team Development process is a fit for your team.

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