Are you frustrated by Strategic Planning that results in great strategies that never get implemented?

Are you tired of Team Building that leaves everyone feeling great but doesn’t translate to measurable results?


The Problem

It is it is only possible to execute on strategic initiatives when you have a high-performing team.

Too often strategy development ignores team dynamics while team building lacks a focus on the business results.

Imagine what it would be like
if your team:

  • Could deal with issues proactively by planning, collaborating and problem solving.
  • Was aligned around a vision, strategy and action plan for achieving goals
  • Was motivated, accountable and committed to decisions, and took coordinated, consistent action toward implementation.

The Solution

Our Strategic Team Development Retreats combine:

  • A focus on identifying and executing strategic initiatives, and
  • The development of the skills and behaviors required of high performing teams.

Here’s how a Strategic Team Development Retreat Works

What Participants Are Saying:

“What was accomplished in one day far exceeded my expectations of what was possible.”

“Our relationships have matured significantly since we began working with [Julie].”

“We are now able to get issues on the table in a non-judgmental way and have honest discussions without making anyone wrong.”

Explore how we can help you solve the tough problems facing you and your team:

Strategic Team Development Retreats and Offsites are ideal for C-suite leaders and their teams as well as teams at all levels who want to:

  • Stop wasting time on politics, confusion and destructive conflict
  • Make better decisions, faster
  • Execute more effectively on strategic initiatives

Schedule a 15-minute conversation  to explore how we can design a Strategic Team Development Retreat or Offsite to support you and your team.