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"Julie Chance is an extremely talented business consultant, strategist & speaker. She recently served as a panelist at a presentation to the Women's Initiative Network employee resource group at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Fort Worth, TX. Her presentation and insights were outstanding. I would highly recommend her work. She is a true professional. Her training is some of the best I have seen." - Shivaun Palmer, CEO & Co-Founder, Plaid For Women

“Julie Chance’s executive briefing on Change and the Teamwork Connection was of tremendous value! Julie very effectively engaged the group as she led us in “walking the talk” in an extremely meaningful & enjoyable way. I was pleasantly surprised with the powerful impact that Julie’s presentation made on me, & I left energized to promptly share her “connection” pearls of wisdom with my team. As a result, we have a better “Teamwork Connection” & therefore a happier, more cohesive, more productive team. Thank you Julie!”Beth Denton, Owner and CEO, Medistar Home Health

"She is an excellent listener and good at processing what I say and do to help me achieve better results in business and life. I see positive, measurable results in my business from working with Julie." - Ann Lovett-Baird, CEO, Lovett Consulting Group

"Once Julie coached us to understand how we could better communicate based on our individual DiSC® styles we were able to navigate the challenges in the office far more effectively. We still talk about our styles during daily interactions — it keeps us on track for success." - Rebecca Liston, CEO & Founder of RebeccaListon.com

"Julie is a dynamic strategist. She compliments any team with whom she is working. She quickly analyzes the market and develops tactics and programs that are focused on bottom line growth and long term success."Diane Partridge, VP Marketing & Communications, University of Louisville Physicians

"Julie is a skilled communicator with a coach’s heart. Her coaching style is supportive yet challenging and can help companies transform how they do business internally, giving them a competitive advantage." - Stella Oefinger, Owner, StarFlame Solutions

"Julie's mastery in strategic planning for complex business development markets far surpass anyone's I've collaborated with before. She taught her unique brand of healthcare referral partnership development, fortifying my successes when she supervised our region. Julie's vision and exquisite teaching skills catapulted my leadership skills at organizing sales teams and strategy to an unstoppable degree." - Knoel Babin RNC BSN, Founder, Director at Legacy Hospice of Austin

"Julie is a skilled facilitator with the ability to ask just the right question at just the right time. She is able to take on tough topics without judgement or blame. She never loses sight of the desired outcome. The result is a solution that meets the needs of the organization and that team members can get behind." Nadine Nicholson, CEO, Me Jane


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