For Everything DiSC® Users: Exploring Conflict through the Lens of Everything DiSC

Julie Chance discusses how the DiSC® Model can be applied to understanding conflict in the workplace in this month video series for Everything DiSC facilitators and participants. She prompts viewers to reflect on their natural responses to conflict and the potential consequences of these behaviors. Julie highlights that while some responses can be constructive, others may be destructive to both the situation and relationships involved. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing these behaviors to foster productive, healthy conflict that leads to better solutions, creativity, and innovation. Julie outlines how different DiSC styles typically respond to conflict and suggests a group activity where participants explore their typical ineffective behaviors as well as more productive responses. Julie invites viewers to reach out for more ideas on using the DiSC Model to navigate conflict effectively.

Watch the video to learn more or you can read the transcript here.

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