Julie’s Most Renowned Presentations:

  1. Beyond Plans, Strategies & Excuses: How to Create Breakthrough Results in Business (and Life!)

Discover a two-step process for fully committing your vision to your business. You will learn simple, yet effective tools to systematically dissolve barriers to realize real breakthrough business results.

  1. Leader-Language™:Choose Your Words To Get The Results You Want

Communication distinguishes leaders from effective leaders. If you struggle to create momentum to get your ideas off the ground and gain the support of your team– Leader-Language ™  is for you. With a few simple tweaks, you’ll gain the benefits of greater communication, leadership effectiveness and team alignment.

  1. The Change Challenge: How To Thrive In Times Of Transition

The pace of today’s business landscape requires adaptability, flexibility and open-mindedness to stay in the game. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to shift your perspective by focusing on the future and letting go of the past.

  1. Lead So Others Will Follow: How To Inspire The Support You Need To Get The Results You Want

To achieve results you desire, you must lead and communicate, so others will follow. In this presentation, we’ll delve into the methods of engaging, energizing and uniting your team, vendors, investors AND customers, in alignment with your vision.

  1. Just Add VALUE: Five Steps For Leading Your Organization To Breakthrough Results*

The journey to gaining support for your ideas, improving your bottom line and competing more effectively in your industry requires one, simple element: VALUE. How are you bringing value to your staff, customers and business? Discover the 5-step process to value-added strategic action.

*Requires a minimum of 45 minutes presentation time

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