Why the DiSC Behavioral & Personality Assessment is Important to Your Workplace

Do you groan when you work on a group project? Are there coworkers you can’t seem to understand why they do the things they do? Are there delays in your team projects because of conflicting group dynamics? Conflict and misunderstandings are inevitable in the workplace.

Companies use the DiSC® personality assessment to help improve workplace productivity, teamwork, and communication. It creates a common language whereby team members can bridge their differences and improve their communication and efficiency. This is why the DiSC behavioral assessment is important to your workplace.

What is the DiSC Personality Assessment?

The DiSC theory was first proposed in 1928 by William Moulton Marston, a physiological psychologist. He proposed that there were four forms of emotional expression: Dominance (D), Inducement (I), Submission (S), and Compliance (C). These four types stemmed from people’s perceptions of themselves in relation to their surroundings. It wasn’t until the 1940s that an assessment was made to categorize people into the four behavioral types.

The DiSC assessment is now used by businesses to help their employees gauge how they and their teammates handle conflict, how they communicate, and the motives behind their actions. The modern DiSC acronym represents the four updated personality types:

  • Dominance (D). Those with this personality are confident and bold. They are all about accomplishing goals and tasks that improve the company’s bottom line.
  • Influence (i). These people are good at networking, building relationships, and persuading others.
  • Steadiness (S). People with steadiness enjoy collaborating and cooperating with others and are often team-oriented.
  • Conscientiousness (C). These people depend on their competency and expertise to produce accurate, high-quality work.

why the disc® behavioral & personality assessment is important to your workplace

Benefits of DiSC Behavioral Assessment in the Workplace

The DiSC personality assessment can improve the communication, conflict resolution, and productivity of any business. Below are more reasons why the DiSC assessment is important to your workplace:

  • Learn about yourself. The DiSC assessment gives you a better idea of how you deal with conflict, what motivates and causes you stress, how you communicate, and how you solve problems. You can identify problematic tendencies and inform your coworkers about how to best communicate and engage with you.
  • Improve your leadership. Learning what makes you click and be most productive is only half of the work equation. When you work in groups, you’re working with others. The DiSC assessment can help you understand the personalities and desired working environment of those you lead. When you become familiar with the dispositions of those you’re working with, you can make accommodations that improve productivity and morale.
  • It enhances your team’s conflict resolution. Not everyone in the group has the same thought process, communication style, personality, and work preferences as you do. Recognizing the differences amongst your team members and seeking ways to accommodate them will lessen the chance of conflict. With the DiSC personality assessment, your team’s conflicts can become learning opportunities to grow closer and improve results.
  • Improves teamwork. If you’re working with peers, the DiSC assessment can help you better understand and communicate with team members. By learning more about those you work with, the better you’ll see eye-to-eye and get projects done well and on schedule.

Boost your external relationships with customers and clients. As each one of your coworkers is unique, so are your customers and clients. When you’re familiar with the DiSC personality types, you can identify the ones each customer likely has. You can better communicate with and motivate customers toward action. This type of behavioral preference is especially valuable to salespeople who can influence customer behavior.

Each one of your coworkers and customers has unique inclinations, personalities, motivations, and communication styles. The DiSC personality assessment is important to your workplace as it identifies these differences which in turn, boost communication and productivity.

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