Effective Interpersonal Communication Skill, Course & Training Program

Interpersonal Communication Course

Communication skills are a fundamental building block of success and must occur on all levels of the organization.

Communicating to Engage, Energize & Mobilize

Communication skills are the foundation of an effective organization and the basic building block of success. It’s not just top leaders who must be good communicators – communication must occur at all levels of the organization. If there is one skill that you can infuse across the organization in every single employee that will realize real returns, it’s effective communication.

Delivering Feedback Effectively: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

To be effective in changing behavior, feedback must be delivered in a way the receiver can hear and accept – this includes positive as well as negative feedback. Research indicates to maintain the highest level of performance, positive feedback must outnumber negative feedback more than five to one.

Ask First & Listen Next: Leveraging the Two Most Underused Tools in Communication

Questions are often a more powerful form of communication than statements for several reasons: asking questions, especially asking questions to effectively elicit information – is a skill far too many people in all walks of life lack. What’s more, using the information you receive requires effective listening skills. Do you want to be a more effective communicator? Ask more and listen longer.

effective interpersonal communication, effective communication skills, interpersonal communication course, interpersonal communication trainingTopics may be combined or delivered in modules to create customized programs. Additional topics are available upon request.

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