The DiSC® Model

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The DISC model is a tool that has been used by thousands of companies across the globe, large and small to develop high-performing leaders, build high-performing teams and create high-performing cultures. The model measures two underlying motivators of human behavior on a continuum from high to low. The need for affiliation is plotted on the horizontal axis while the need for control is mapped on the vertical axis. These motivators are combined to describes four personality styles:

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Individuals with a Dominance or D style tend to be bold and fast-paced. They prioritize taking action and achieving results. They generally have a lower need for affiliation and a higher need for control. Behaviors you might see include taking charge, directly addressing problems, and focusing on the bottom line. People with the D style tend to be strong-willed. They thrive in challenging situations and will often seek out new opportunities. Because they tend to be direct, they can sometimes come across as blunt, impatient, or insensitive.


People with the Influence or I style also tend to be bold and fast-paced. However, because they generally have a higher need for affiliation than those with a D style, they prioritize enthusiasm and collaboration, in addition to action. Behaviors you might see include rallying the team around new ideas, creating a bold vision for the future, and taking the lead in organizing a company event. They thrive in an environment that allows for social interaction. Because of their enthusiasm and optimism, they can sometimes be perceived as frivolous, impulsive, or inattentive to details.


People with the Conscientiousness or C style, like the S style, tend to be more moderately paced and reflective. However, because they have a lower need for affiliation, they are more skeptical and will challenge new ideas or plans that lack detail. They are often analytical and good at identifying potential problems or finding mistakes. Individuals with the C style thrive in an environment that provides the opportunity to work independently and allows time to do quality work. Their skill at pointing out potential flaws can sometimes lead others to think of them as overly negative or critical.


Individuals with the Steadiness or S style, share a high need for affiliation with the i style. However, because they generally have a lower need for control, they are more moderately paced and reflective.  In addition to a focus on collaboration, they are likely to prioritize support. They value harmony and stability. Individuals with the S style tend to be good listeners, to seek input before acting, and enjoy supporting others. They thrive in a stable environment where they can work at a steady pace. Because they like to seek a lot of input people with the S style can be seen as overly accommodating or indecisive.

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Putting Everything DiSC to Work for Your Organization

Assessments: Backed by extensive research and a high level of validity and reliability the Everything DiSC personality assessment uses adaptive testing and a proprietary algorithm to assess DiSC style and provide insights into behavior and the motivators driving the behaviors. In addition to the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment designed to help individuals at all levels in the organization improve communication and workplace relationships, the following application specific assessments are available:

  • Everything DiSC Agile EQ: Participants will learn to move outside their comfort zone to meet the demands of any situation with increased emotional intelligence.
  • Everything DiSC Management: Managers will gain insights into their approach to management and learn skills to more effectively delegate, develop, and motivate their team.
  • Everything DiSC Sales: Sales people learn to communicate more effectively and improve customer relationships by understanding their sales style as well as the customer buying styles.
  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders: Leaders will explore 18 leadership best practices using the framework of Vision, Alignment and Execution to better understand their own leadership behaviors and how these behaviors impact their effectiveness.
  • Everything DiSC Productive Conflict: Participants learn to manage destructive conflict behaviors while engaging in more productive approaches resulting in improved relationships and better results.

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the disc® model 1Profiles: The personalized profiles bring the Everything DiSC model to life by helping people gain an understanding of their own behavioral style, preferences, and tendencies, as well as develop insight into and appreciation for individuals of different styles. Regardless of the specific application each person receives actionable strategies to help them increase effectiveness by adapting to various personalities and situations. Click on the links above to see a sample profile for each assessment.

Facilitation Materials: Facilitation materials are available to assist in using the Everything DiSC profiles as part of in-person or virtual training programs. Materials include engaging video, a scripted facilitator’s guide, PowerPoint presentation, and participant handouts. All materials (except videos) are modular in design and fully customizable.

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the disc® model 3Catalyst™ Content Delivery Platform: Catalyst is a personalized, mobile friendly learning platform that provides learners easy, ongoing access to their personalized profile content, engaging videos, and in-depth information on the DiSC model. Designed to encourage learners to return to the site again and again, it helps integrate the learning into the culture of the organization and supports participants in taking what they learned in the classroom and applying it to their day-to-day work interactions and relationships.

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