The Case for Pre-Hire Assessments

Over 57% of Businesses Use Pre-Hire Assessments Because They:

  • Enable Managers to interview with greater confidence and make better-informed hiring decisions;
  • Provide objective data to increase odds of successful candidate selection;
  • Reduce the costs, disruption and turnover that result from poor hiring decisions.

Yet, not all Pre Employment Assessments are created equal and are certainly not a “cure-all” for giving hiring managers and human resources professionals the right answers.

The Case for Using Pre Employment Assessments explores the benefits of using assessments in the hiring process and provides seven tips for maximizing your investment.

In This Guide, You’ll Discover:

  • The legal considerations when using Pre-Hire Assessments;
  • How to determine the most relevant Assessment for your hiring needs;
  • Why you should take Assessment results with a grain of salt;
  • Why hiring managers need to be trained to use Pre Employment Assessments;
  • How to use the appropriate Assessment during various phases of the employee experience;
  • How to make the most out of your Pre Employment Assessments investment; and
  • Why Assessments go far beyond the initial hiring phase.