Developing Team Culture that Celebrates Individual Strengths

Anytime you get a group of people together, even at work, you’re bound to find some differing opinions and probably differing workplace values.

When a team is not compatible or doesn’t understand how to use their differences to lift the organization up, productivity will take a hit.

Creating a team culture that values each member and the different strengths and perspectives that each team member brings will inspire a culture of problem-solving and innovation.

Having great team members doesn’t necessarily equate to a culture that values differences, obtaining the team culture you desire will require some work, but the payoff will be huge.

With a team that understands, appreciates and values the strengths of each member you will see a team:

  • That shares a vision for the future.
  • Who are comfortable asking and giving feedback.
  • That understands their personal impact on the team’s overall success.

Extraordinary energy and creativity can be fostered when you take individually gifted people and merge them into a cohesive team that unites talents.

People from different backgrounds bring a lot to the table, but diversity in thought is what drives improved performance.

This study shows how diversity of thought contributes to businesses and can help protect your organization from groupthink, discover new ways of completing tasks and identify the best team member for particular responsibilities.

So, how can you begin to identify and celebrate the individual strengths of your team members? 

While the Everything DiSC assessment products are a tremendous tool for doing this, I’ll break down a few other ways you can set in motion the process of identifying individual strengths in your office today!

1. Assess Your Team

A good leader will consider the strengths of their employees. Think about who is mathematically inclined, who is the “out of the box” thinker, etc. and assign a project based on individual talent.

Once you name a strength, be sure to encourage team members to use that asset.

2. Give Recognition

Gallup’s State of the American Workplace found that building on employee’s strengths will actually lead to higher performance rather than trying to improve on weaknesses.

Don’t assume that everyone is aware of what they bring to the table. Take the time to sit down with your employees and name their talents.

Let them know how you see them contributing, and then ask them how you can apply their individual strength to specific projects.

3. Cross-Train

Invest the time to train your employees in different areas outside of their department.

This understanding will allow them to see how all areas work and when making decisions they’re more likely to choose the option that will benefit the entire organization rather than just their department.

4. Offer Opportunities to Grow

If you notice an employee with budding strength in a particular area, approach them and ask if they are serious about developing that particular quality. If they are, you can

If they are, you can find an adequate training program or mentorship that will allow them to grow.

5. Consider the Judging to Value Ladder

Generally, our first interaction with someone we don’t know involves trying to decide how they fit into our community. This can result in an unintentional judgment or two.

While most don’t mean harm, it’s important that we work on going from judging to valuing others, especially in the workplace.

To reach a level of true value, you must first understand and appreciate others. Consider why your co-worker’s differing opinion or different style of organization could actually be helpful to the team as a whole.

Keep in mind the old saying “those who judge will never understand, and those who understand will never judge.”

This old saying can serve as a good workplace mantra to facilitate diversity of thought.

Building a strong team that taps into everyone’s individual talent and shows an appreciation for them will be key to your company’s success.

If you’re looking to maximize innovation and capitalize on every team member’s skills and ideas check out my Team Development Trainings.

The Everything DiSC assessment and facilitation products are a great way to bring out the best in your employees and managers.

 Let’s talk, and I’ll provide a customized approach to identify and address your organization’s specific needs!

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