Looking for Team Building Training Courses In Austin?

Team collaboration is invaluable in any industry, whether for a single project or ongoing cooperation between employees in the same department. Peak performance isn’t always about the best individual workers, but which team works together the best. A lack of teamwork, or an incohesive team, can delay client results and increase employee frustration.

Action Strategies by Design offers tailored team building training courses in Austin, TX to address teamwork by improving communication skills, coaching strategies for team leaders, and team alignment for common goals. We customize our training solutions to meet the specific needs of your business, industry, and market segment, considering the unique challenges you face with your teams.

Our Solution: Strategic Team Development

Do you see team engagement dropping? Are you concerned that unspoken dissatisfaction is affecting your team’s performance? Do you struggle with making the best decisions for your team? Our leadership development and team-building courses can help you fix all of this.

The Action Strategies By Design programs offer customized training to help you achieve these outcomes:

  • Clear, simple strategies to see goals through to completion
  • Engaged, supercharged performance from your team
  • Heightened alignment and improved communication between team members
  • Change the company culture to focus on quantifiable results and individual engagement

Fully committed team members focusing on the strategic direction of their leader can be much more successful in executing company goals and delivering higher customer satisfaction. When team members are aligned around a common objective, they support the directions to achieve each phase of the project. Increasing trust among team members is critical to achieving this level of engagement and cohesiveness – we can help you get there.

Developing an Aligned Team That Executes Strategic Initiatives

Integro Leadership developed a Team Alignment Survey to determine where the team is, assessing its alignment around its purpose, goals, vision, values, priorities, and rules. The survey also assesses the level of trust among team members, which might surprise leaders.

Focusing on the common goal increases trust. To get you there, we created a three-prong strategy:



First, Action Strategies By Design uses the results of the Team Alignment Survey to understand specifically where there is a lack of alignment and identify the steps needed to increase team alignment.



Next, we work alongside your team to increase trust among members and develop a commitment to the strategic direction. Team members learn to hold each other accountable for shared results.



We offer ongoing coaching for teams and individuals to ensure the continued focus on team development, helping you learn strategies that become good habits. As we implement the alignment strategy, we measure the team’s progress with a follow-up assessment every 6-9 months to identify progress and areas for better resolution.

Do you want greater innovation, increased productivity, and agility for your teams? We help your organization hone its competitive edge with team alignment.

Picture your team:

  • Aligned around a shared vision, following the strategy and action plan to achieve consistent results
  • Motivated, committed, and self-accountable for decisions
  • Proactively dealing with issues through strategic problem-solving and collaboration
  • Taking coordinated, consistent action as a team toward implementation

Imagine leading this team. What could you achieve?

team building training courses in austin, tx

A truly aligned team doesn’t have to be a dream – no matter what size your organization is or what challenges your teams face, we can help. We focus on creating unique solutions to team problems with proven tactics, helping companies of all sizes, from smaller businesses to enterprise organizations. Our belief in quality leadership and the ability of any team to learn alignment strategies is the key to our success.

Action Strategies By Design offers leadership and team building training courses in Austin, TX. Contact us for a complimentary consultation for your organization.