Featured Product: Strategic Team Development Retreat

Does your Strategic Planning consistently lead to innovative initiatives that never get implemented in the end?


Are you tired of Team Building that leaves everyone feeling great but doesn’t translate to measurable results?


It is impossible to execute strategic initiatives unless you have a cohesive, high-performing team. Yet too often strategy development ignores team dynamics. At the same time team building lacks a focus on the business results the team needs to be successful.


How We Can Help Your Team


Our Strategic Team Development Retreats Combine:

  • A focus on identifying and executing strategic initiatives.
  • The development of the skills and behaviors required of high-performing teams to achieve results.


A Strategic Team Development Retreat May Be Right for Your Team If:

  • Team members have too many priorities and are being pulled in so many directions that there is no time to think.
  • The team is made up of smart, capable people, yet they just can’t seem to execute on ideas and initiatives.
  • Issues are revisited again and again, and when a decision is made there is lack of buy-in.


Imagine What It Would Be Like If Your Team:

  • Could deal with issues proactively by planning, collaborating and problem solving.
  • Was aligned around a vision, strategy and action plan for achieving goals.
  • Was motivated, accountable and committed to decisions, and took coordinated, consistent action toward implementation.


Our Strategic Team Development Retreats are designed to help you and your team do just that.


We develop a retreat or offsite experience that combines strategy development and team building to ensure your team executes on strategic initiatives. We customize retreats to the specific needs of your team.


Here’s How It Works



  • We conduct interviews with each team member and gather information to assess the current situation.
  • Team members complete a Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ assessment based on the work of Patrick Lencioni to determine perceptions of team functioning.
  • We finalize the customized agenda for a one to two-day retreat based on information from interviews and assessment results.



  • Team members develop a deeper understanding of their behavioral styles as well as the behavioral styles of their teammates. Understanding both improves communication and working relationships.
  • The team identifies the single most important priority they must accomplish within the next 6 to 12 months to be successful. Afterwards, they analiyze the critical issues, key initiatives and action steps necessary to accomplish that priority.
  • Team members identify and commit to behaviors they must change individually and collectively to achieve their number one priority.


Post Session

  • Reinforcement materials are provided periodically to ensure the team continues to progress towards its goals.
  • Two checkpoint calls are held with the team leader to assist with the removal of stumbling blocks or obstacles that may arise.
  • Team members complete a Progress Report. They will then participate in a debrief approximately six months following the initial session to assess progress and identify opportunities for continued improvement.


Strategic Team Development Retreats and Offsites are ideal for C-suite leaders and their teams. Leadership teams at all levels can also benefit if they want to:

  • Execute more effectively on strategic initiatives.
  • Make better decisions, faster.
  • Stop wasting time on politics, confusion and destructive conflict.
  • Put an end to revisiting topics repeatedly without action.


What Are People Saying About Strategic Team Development Retreats?

“What was accomplished in one day far exceeded my expectations of what was possible.”


“Our relationships have matured significantly since we began working with [Julie.]”


“We are now able to get issues on the table in a non-judgmental way and have honest discussions without making anyone wrong. “


Are You and Your Team Ready To:


  • Do something together that really makes a difference?
  • Get issues out on the table to talk through openly and honestly?
  • Solve real-life problems you are collectively facing?


Schedule a 15-minute conversation to explore how we can design a Strategic Team Development Retreat or Offsite to support you and your team in developing real solutions to real-time, real-world problems.


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