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What Is Keeping Your Organization from Achieving Its Full Potential?

  • Poor execution of strategic initiatives?
  • Inability to attract top talent and retain high-performing staff?
  • Difficulty making or implementing decisions in a timely manner?
  • Failure to capitalize on windows of opportunity?
  • Shortage of next-generation leaders?
  • Failure by employees to take initiative?
  • Lack of accountability?

We can help you unlock the potential of your people and harness the power of teamwork to achieve better results with less struggle and stress.

Our Solution

Our suite of products and services is designed to help leaders develop real solutions to real-world problems by creating:


  • A clear strategy for
    achieving goals
  • High performing teams
    with aligned priorities
  • An engaged culture for
    improved productivity

Training & Facilitation

Our training and facilitation programs take a customized approach to helping you achieve your business goals by assessing the underlying issues and designing a solution to achieve your objectives. We offer in person, virtual and blended programs with a focus on achieving business results.

How aligned is your team?

Successfully executing on strategic initiatives requires a high-performing team that is aligned around purpose, vision, values, goals, priorities, and roles. Yet too few teams spend the time to ensure alignment resulting in missed targets and failed initiatives.

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How successful Is your talent acquisition and development strategy?

With the right people in the right roles, developed to their full potential, you can build a high-performing culture of collaboration. The result is engaged, committed, proactive employees leading to improved productivity, reduced turnover, and increased profitability.

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How effectively are your leaders creating an environment that encourages commitment and Initiative?

The need for self-directed engaged team members who are passionate and take initiative is greater today than it has ever been. And leaders have the single greatest impact on employee engagement. If you want engaged employees focus on developing flexible, trusted leaders.

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Why settle for just engaged employees when you can have passionate ones?

The research is compelling – more engaged employees result in better results. Yet the business landscape is littered with failed employee engagement initiatives. To increase engagement, organizations must go beyond providing ping pong tables and pizza parties. True engagement requires a focus on five intrinsic employee needs.

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Assessments & Training Materials

We provide an array of tools for improving communication, leadership effectiveness, team performance and talent management. We’ll develop and deliver a program to meet your needs or provide your talent development team all the pieces and support necessary to implement customized training internally.

Are you looking for an effective way to improve communication and enhance working relationships?

The Everything DiSC® suite of assessment and facilitation products includes solutions designed to address, conflict, manage diverse personally styles, improve emotional intelligence, and assess leadership effectiveness.

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Are you ready to leverage the power of teamwork?

Based on Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a team model, The Five Behaviors supports teams in Trusting one another; engaging in healthy Conflict; Committing to decisions; holding one another Accountable; and achieving collective Results.

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The Five Behaviors™ Personal Development: Creating a Culture of Collaboration & Teamwork

Are you looking for a complete talent management solution?

PXT Select provides a comprehensive suite of talent management solutions designed to help you hire smarter and engage your workforce to achieve results including assessments for screening, selection, succession planning, leadership coaching and development, performance management and more..

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Do you want a high-performing culture of passionate, engaged employees?

Inside Trust Assessments help organizations establish a strong foundation of trust at the organization, team and leader levels for better retention, improved productivity, and increased customer loyalty resulting in enhanced profitability.

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Trust Inside


More Effective Leaders & Higher-Performing Teams

Leaders are the driving force behind engagement and team performance. More effective leaders improve collaboration and teamwork - saving time, improving productivity, and decreasing destructive conflict. This helps eliminate silos, makes meetings more productive, and enhances decision making.

A Culture of Passionate & Engaged Employees

Engaged and passionate employees are more productive and more loyal. They are less likely to leave your organization – even when presented with a better offer. They are committed, self-directed and dependable. In short, they are the kind of employee every leader wants and needs.

Improved Productivity, Profitability & Retention

When an organization is aligned around purpose, vision, and values; hires the right people for the right jobs; has leaders who create a culture that encourages people to perform at their maximum potential; and builds teams who are pulling together towards a common cause the result is decreased turnover, more effective execution and improved productivity. This means improved profitability for your organization.

Regardless of the size of your organization we can customize a solution to meet your needs. We work with businesses from less than 100 employees to enterprise organizations in a wide variety of industries including higher education, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, telecommunications, transportation, insurance, and more.

Ready to achieve better results with less struggle and stress?

Request a complimentary consultation to see how we may be able to help you unlock the potential of your people and leverage the power of teamwork.