Slowing Down to Speed Up Business Growth

Life as a CEO or Business Owner is hectic; I’m certain this comes as no surprise to you.

Even now, as you’re reading this article you’re probably also thinking about your to-do list and how you’re going to get everything finished before the end of the day.

Do you ever find yourself racing through tasks and operating with an extreme sense of urgency nearly to the point of panic, then at the end of the day wondering what you actually accomplished?

Have you ever considered how slowing down can actually speed up business growth and lead to better results?

Our tech-driven world is chock full of apps, gizmos and gadgets all designed to improve and accelerate our lives. However, despite the best intentions, these shortcuts can do more harm than help.

Slowing down to give yourself and your team time to think will give you more control, clarity and, yes even efficiency

Consider the following:

Identify your core values and vision.

Your values, beliefs, vision and mission should be the guiding lights for how you conduct business and lead your team. When you feel pressed for time, it’s easy to lose sight of them, even if they’re well-established and known throughout your organization.

Take the time as a leadership team to identify the values and beliefs core to your organization, then commit to and revisit them periodically. A clear vision and strong core values can speed up everything from the hiring process to day-to-day operational decisions.

Limit your priorities.

Priorities are something of which you only have a few; if everything was a priority, you would have no strategic way of completing tasks, and what you would accomplish would only be to a subpar quality. Having too many priorities is something I see very often with business owners and executives, and it causes a continuous state of pressure and stress.

Operating under enormous amounts of stress doesn’t allow your brain to think, rather you’re caught in a series of reactions that lead to less than optimal decisions. Taking the time to turn down the pressure and get to know your priorities will allow you to deal with issues proactively, problem solve with perspective and focus on the bigger picture.

Get your team on the same page.

In one of my favorite books, “The Work of Leaders” the author identifies three drivers of team alignment: clarity, dialogue and inspiration.

Clarity means understanding your desired outcome, regardless of the situation. It could be as broad as your company’s 10-year plan or as narrow as a new supplies ordering process; the main objective is to be crystal clear on the “what” and “why.”

Dialogue and extensive communication with your team will support alignment. Dialogue is more than simply telling your employees something; it implies a conversation, the opportunity to ask questions, express concern and give feedback. Dialogue is a two-way street and a critical component of gaining employee buy-in.

Inspiring your staff involves painting a picture of the future, as well as the pitfalls of sticking with the current status quo. Take the time to get your team on board in this crucial way, so you’re not back pedaling down the line, trying to gain employee buy-in.

Team alignment takes longer to achieve, but once you’re there, the resulting outcomes are well worth it.

If you’re ready to slow down to speed up business growth and willing to do the work, let’s explore how we can design a leadership retreat or quarterly offsite for you and your team.

Here are some of the things we can focus on in your leadership retreat:

  • How to identify core values and vision
  • How to build high-performing, high-functioning teams
  • How to align your team members and gain buy-in
  • How to switch from reactive problem-solving to proactive problem-solving
  • … much more!

Tell me how you envision slowing down to speed up business growth.

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