Use PXT Select Assessment for Your Pre-Hiring Process and Talent Development

According to a study by Aberdeen Group, 91% of companies use pre-hire assessments to help with candidate screenings. This means companies are urgently looking for people who can be valuable additions to teams and drive high-performance while having a sense of responsibility and accountability in the workplace. With PXT Select ™ assessment, organizations can gain insight about a candidate beyond their resume.

What is PXT Select™ Assessment and How Can It Help Organizations?

PXT Select assessment is a pre-employment evaluation that companies can administer to potential candidates to glean more information about their personality and behaviors before an in-person interview is scheduled. Moreover, it can be used to identify employees with specific skillsets to advance beyond their current roles and develop potential leaders. Specifically, the assessment can help organizations:

job interview
  • Gain a clear idea of a candidate’s cognitive skills, behaviors, and interests.
  • Provide a better interview process for candidates by generating more detailed interview questions
  • Develop strategies for maximizing employees’ talents so they can be more self-directed
  • Increase employee retention and engagement, and reduce turnover

Organizations are always looking to build productive teams and develop engaged leaders to create a culture where everyone works toward the bottom line. PXT Select can be the tool to support organizations with this endeavor.

How Does PXT Select Assessment Work?

Many companies use some form of pre-employment evaluation like PXT Select to gain valuable, data-driven information that helps evaluate a potential candidate’s (and current employee’s) fit within your organization’s culture. PXT Select provides organizations with four simple steps to get the most out of the evaluation.

  1. Plan: Getting leadership on the same page within an organization is vital, so they know the types of behaviors and personality traits they want to build their teams and make them successful.
  2. Assess: Insightful data from PXT Select helps leaders assess how well potential candidates fit available roles and make more informed talent decisions.
  3. Choose: Choosing the right fit for a role can be difficult without a benchmark to which you can compare. The assessment can objectively compare candidates against how well their characteristics align with the position.
  4. Engage: A full suite of reports provides leaders with a path to creating employee engagement by helping managers onboard, coach, and develop their people to their full potential.

Mistakes to Avoid with PXT Select Leadership Assessment

While PXT Select leadership assessment is straightforward for organizational leaders to implement, mistakes can occur if used solely to evaluate potential candidates’ professional abilities and behaviors.

Relying too heavily on the assessment results

PXT Select is an excellent results-driven assessment that can provide a lot of insight about a candidate; however, it should be a companion tool to the applicant’s resume, cover letter, and references. Generally, assessment results should account for only one-third of the hiring decision.

Failing to proviide assessment training for leaders

As a user-friendly assessment tool, PXT Select is designed to be uncomplicated when used correctly. It is essential for leaders implementing the assessment to receive in-depth training to better understand their role in its application and how better to obtain actionable data from it.

Neglecting to use the assessment to leverage talent development

As a pre-employment assessment, PXT Select helps organizations identify compatible applicant personality traits and behaviors. However, the assessment can also serve a dual purpose in coaching, team development, and identification of high-potential employees.

Let Action Strategies Help Leaders Make Better Hiring Decisions

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