Message From Julie: I Wonder…

message from julie: i wonder... 1

There was a post recently circulating on Facebook. You may have seen it.  

I can’t do Instagram or TikTok but I can write in cursivedo math without a calculator, and tell time on a clock with hands.  

As I was about to hit share with a sense of self-righteous superiority, a thought slowly crept into my mind… 

I wonder if parents from previous times worried that their kids would not be able to tell time with a sundial or do math with an abacus? When I graduated from college were potential employers concerned that I couldn’t use a slide rule, program a computer using a card deck, or take dictation using shorthand?  

Yes, I can write in cursive, do math without a calculator, and tell time on a clock with hands. The truth is though my handwriting is some weird combination of printing and cursive that would best be described as scribble; I pop open the calculator on my computer or phone to do even the simplest math; and I no longer own a watch with hands on it.  

Skills become obsolete. Maybe I need to learn to use Instagram and TikTok so I don’t become obsolete as well.  

I slowly lifted my finger and rolled my mouse pointer away from the share button. 

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