Message from Julie: Change Starts With Your Thoughts

message from julie: change starts with your thoughts 1

It is the time of year that if you are like me, you begin to reflect on the year that is coming to a close and contemplate the changes you want to make to your business in 2022. My yoga teacher recently shared an anonymous quote: “Change starts with your thoughts”. It reminded me that thoughts are driven by the words we choose. As leaders and human beings, words are some of the most powerful tools we have. Words can build bridges or create chasms. Let’s resolve in 2022 to power our thoughts with words that build bridges within our businesses and beyond.

This month we are revisiting a few of your (and my) favorite topics from 2021 that will likely continue to be relevant to us as leaders in 2022. What changes do you need to make to build more resilient leaders who can

  • Create a people-first culture
  • Develop the trust necessary to have not only a diverse but truly inclusive workplace
  • Attract and retain top talent to help you achieve your vision for 2022 and beyond.

Five Characteristics of a Resilient Leader

message from julie: change starts with your thoughts 2The demand for resilient leaders who can adapt to change and capitalize on opportunities is also likely to continue in 2022. Resilient leaders demonstrate flexibility by being open to change, adapting to situations, and seeing different perspectives and possibilities. They demonstrate agility by pivoting as the need arises. They are both realistic and optimistic. And they exhibit a high level of emotional intelligence. Here are some practical steps you can use to help your leaders become more resilient in 2022.

A People-First Culture Starts with People First Leadership

message from julie: change starts with your thoughts 3Creating a people-first culture was a popular topic in 2021, and I anticipate the focus on building a culture that respects and values employees and their contributions to continue in 2022. Putting people first means creating a culture of trust and inclusion – and that requires people-first leadership. How well equipped are your leaders to create a culture that helps attract and maintain top talent? Those organizations whose leaders can build trust with their teams will be rewarded with greater inclusion, engagement, and results – in the form of fewer sick days, higher productivity, and improved profitability.

To Build a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace Start with Trust

message from julie: change starts with your thoughts 4Diversity and Inclusion were also high priorities for many organizations in 2021 this will likely continue into 2022. While we often use the words “diversity” and “inclusion” together, they are two very different concepts. Diversity refers to the demographic makeup of a group. It is possible, even common, to have a diverse group where inclusion is low. In these cases, results suffer. Only where there is true inclusion will an organization (or any group) achieve the benefits of diversity. Inclusion requires trust. Ironically, building trust in a diverse environment adds an additional challenge. However, it is possible. In this article, we provide tips to capitalize on diversity by building the kind of trust that leads to diversity.

Attract and Retain Top Talent Even During a “Turnover Tsunami”

message from julie: change starts with your thoughts 5The second half of 2021 was the year of  “The Great Resignation” and the “Turnover Tsunami “. All indicators are that attrition will continue and talent will continue to be tight in 2022. Companies that can retain their current talent while attracting people wanting to make a change will be the winner in the war on talent. It will take more than throwing money at the problem, though. A recent study by McKinsey & Company found a disconnect between why employees say they are leaving, and employers believe the reasons are. Employees ranked not being valued by the organization, not being valued by their manager, and not feeling like they belong as being the top reasons. Employers ranked compensation at the top. While compensation is important, relying on money alone will not create a competitive advantage. Instead, it could be a recipe for disaster. Here are five strategies your company can implement to create a true competitive advantage when attracting and retaining top talent.


Want Others to Change? Change Your Behavior First

Remember doing what you are currently doing is getting you the results you are currently getting. If you want things to be different in 2022, change what you are doing – rather than wasting energy trying to get others to change. The reality is we can’t make someone else change their behavior. We are, however, in total control of our own behavior – and changing our own behavior is the easiest and most effective way to influence someone else to change their behavior. Read about three changes you can make to affect change in others.


Wishing you the happiest of holidays and a terrific 2022!




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