Management and Leadership Training Programs

Management and leadership training course are specialized curriculum designed to help you learn new leadership techniques and refine old skills to run your team. They often times provided assistance in areas such as assertive communication, motivation methods, and coaching.  Leadership training is an essential element for all employees in a supervisory role.

Leaders are tasked with challenging their teams to maximize their skills and attain their full potential. The result of this is to meet company goals.

The fundamentals of management and leadership training help to discover your management style and about instilling core management principles such as being a role model, making an impact, focusing on the team and company vision, encouraging collaboration, and being positive.

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As for leadership styles, there are three basic styles.

  1. Autocratic (aka Authoritarian) leaders are clear in their expectations, tell employees precisely how they want a job done, and make choices without consulting others.
  2. Delegative leaders allow their employees to make their own decisions. A delegative leader is still ultimately responsible for the decisions made.
  3. Participative leaders provide a mix of the two other styles and encourage comments and suggestions from their team members. The whole team, including the leader, comes together to make decisions.

All three leadership styles have their pros and cons. For example, autocratic leaders are remarkable when catastrophe strikes. They are great problem solvers and have a “get it done” attitude. On the other hand, autocratic leaders tend to not foster positive morale and a sense of team spirit in the same way as a delegative manager does. Delegative managers may build a wonderfully close team; however, they may discover several of their employees don’t take full responsibility and initiative for their work.

Discovering your management style by taking an effective leadership training include:

  • Increased productivity.
  • Employee retention
  • Nurturing of future leaders
  • Increasing employee engagement.
  • Implementation of an effective leadership style
  • The ability to make better decisions

Some types of programs Action-Strategies by Design can offer:

  • The Business Landscape is Littered with Failed Employee Engagement Initiatives – The research is compelling – more engaged employees result in better business results, including improved productivity, reduced turnover, and increased profitability. Yet the business landscape is littered with failed employee engagement initiatives. Why? Find out how to address employee engagement.
  • Having a Team of Smart People Is Not Enough – Are you frustrated by strategic planning that results in great strategies that never get implemented? Are you tired of team building that leaves everyone feeling great but doesn’t translate into measurable results? It is only possible to execute on strategic initiatives when you have a high performing team. Learn what programs we offer.
  • Let’s Ignite, Unite, And Engage Your Team. – We take a customized approach to help you achieve your business objectives by assessing the underlying issues driving the need for training and designing a solution to achieve those objectives. Find out more.

We can also provide assessments including:

  • Everything DiSC® helps individuals and teams understand who they are individually and collectively.
  • PXT Select™ is an innovative candidate selection tool, enabling employers to kick off the selection process on the right foot.

As a leader, understanding your personality type and programs to address them may also help you to understand your management style. Learning about yourself, honing your technical leadership skills, and improving team efficiency are just a few of the benefits of taking a management training course.

To learn more about the types of programs available, contact us today.

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