Leadership Development Training Courses for Creating a High Performing Team

A substantial body of research suggests employees work more efficiently when they work in teams. However, this efficiency is aligned with the competency of the team leader. Aspiring team leaders who desire to have their teams stand out must expand their management skillset through various leadership development training courses.

Action Strategies by Design offers the following training courses to enhance your skills:


Everything DiSC® Leadership Model— Learn the Ins and Outs of Various Leadership Styles

Effective leadership and performance come from an awareness of their leadership style, strengths, and limitations. This means understanding both their positives and their negatives, and then adapts as the situation arises.

Everything DiSC® Leadership Model provides insight into the different leadership styles while shedding light on an individual’s respective strengths and weaknesses, and provides scenarios where those individuals prove to be more effective. For example, the model will teach you when you need to be a humble leader, and when it’s time to shift gears and become a commanding one and how you can make this transition.

Everything DiSC® Management— Understand Your Team Members at Deeper Levels

Many leaders fail to achieve productivity goals with their teams because they cannot develop a deep understanding of filters through which every team member creates their worldview. Everything DiSC® Management trains you for understanding the thought process of employees. This clarity lets you develop a framework to unlock each employee’s potential with the right motivation, coaching, and delegation of work.

Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders— Self-Assessments That Help Reach Your True Potential

A leader can’t lead a team at its 100% potential without constant reflection and self-assessment. The Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders assessment module is designed for leaders to conduct self-assessment in 18 different behaviors that represent the best leadership practices. This comprehensive self-assessment module helps leaders examine their behavior and responses and how they impact the team’s performance.

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