Improve Teamwork and Enhance Communication in the Workplace with Everything DiSC Assessments

What is an Everything DiSC® Workplace Assessment?

everything disc assessment training program

The Everything DiSC Assessment® is a tool millions of people use every year to help improve their workplace culture. It is a simple assessment that generates invaluable results that help enhance communication and teamwork in the workplace between leaders and their team members, and create stronger productivity.

It can do all this by creating a common language that makes it easier for leaders to understand their own style and the style of their workers. Enhanced emotional intelligence means stronger interoffice relationships, which have been shown in multiple case studies to improve employee retention and productivity.

What Does Everything DiSC® Mean?

Everything DiSC is an acronym used to describe the assessment’s four personality profiles to define employees and leaders who complete the assessment. At the end of the assessment, each participant is identified with traits from one of these four personality profiles and then taught how to emphasize their inherent strengths and address the leadership weaknesses that can be associated with their personality.

The four personalities are:



People with a “D” personality are naturally confident and tend to be strictly focused on achieving and producing strong results.



People with “I” personalities are open and known for easily interacting with people. They are charismatic and often emphasize business networking and leverage relationships to get what they want.



People with “S” personalities are dependable and work hard to help enhance the team by cooperating and holding up their end of the bargain. They are often sincere and trustworthy.



People with “C” personalities are often identified as “Type A” people. These people play by the rules and are extremely careful to always produce accurate and high-quality results. They are extremely competent and professional but sometimes need help seeing outside
the box.

Why Use Everything DiSC Assessments?

There is a reason why thousands of organizations have used Everything DiSC assessments in the past: it is a tool that helps to create stronger teams and more effective workplaces. Everyone from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies to mom-and-pop businesses have found that this assessment tool is the key to unlocking how their leaders and employees think. Once you have the framework for communicating effectively with employees, executing it becomes much simpler.

Everything DiSC assessments aim to create a heightened self-awareness among employees and leaders to interact effectively with each other. This higher level of awareness leads to improved teamwork dynamics. It creates stronger organization culture – something that has been shown to improve employee retention, which is extremely important with the high turnover rates.

The knowledge gleaned from the Everything DiSC assessment can also help turn conflict into a positive exercise that helps workplace learn to reframe differences as opportunities for growth. In fact, the differences might be the thing that forces a team to look outside of the box and discover innovations.

How Does the Everything DiSC® Process Work?

The Everything DiSC Assessment  process is simple. Anyone taking the assessment will first complete a thorough assessment questionnaire. After the Everything DiSC test is complete, the results are compiled, and a profile is generated and sent to the business and employee. Suppose you work with a company that administers the test and provides leadership solutions. In that case, the information will be used to help participants learn how to better their leadership style and help employees be more productive and happier.

As a leading partner of Everything DiSC®, Action Strategies by Design can administer the assessment and then help your team interpret the results. Contact us today for more information.