How Employee Passion Impacts Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

how employee passion impacts diversity and inclusion in the workplace

When employees are engaged, it positively affects an organization, so why stop there? If organizations can turn engagement into passion, it has a more significant effect on production, innovation, and even diversity and inclusion.

The question is, how can organizations achieve these qualities?

The Correlation Between Inclusiveness and Engagement, and Passion

It is important to understand how different concepts like trust, engagement, and passion are interconnected when creating sustainable diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Gallup, a global analytics and advice firm, found that 51% of engaged employees feel their organization is inclusive and that engaged employees are more likely to feel their company values diverse opinions and ideas. The study also found that engagement is linked to how an employee thinks their organization would respond to discrimination concerns.

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Engagement is more than office parties and fun activities; it focuses on intrinsic needs like meaningful work and growth opportunities. For employees to feel included and engaged, it requires being treated with respect, valued for their unique abilities, and involved in an organization where leaders do what is right.

Ultimately, the goal is for engagement to evolve into a passion for the work and the organization. Emotional connections to a role and organization make a substantial impact on performance. Passionate employees commit their best every day, knowing that they are treasured team members. These values all originate with trust. Before implementing a plan to foster engagement, passion, diversity, and inclusion, you need to evaluate the current level of trust. 

Trust Inside Assessments provide accurate data about trust levels to make informed decisions and create appropriate initiatives. The assessments consist of three surveys that provide data on trust at every level. The Employee Passion Survey, a key component of the Trust Inside Assessment, shows the relation between inclusiveness, engagement, and passion and results in identifying trust and engagement levels that combat diversity and inclusion concerns.

How does the Employee Passion Survey work?

Research by the Intégro Leadership Institute found that most employees are engaged, but only half of the engaged employees are passionate about the organization. Those engaged employees who lack passion for the organization are generally high-performing employees that the organization is at risk of losing.

The Employee Passion Survey can identify the difference between engagement and passion by evaluating passion for the job (committed to doing their best) and passion for the organization (the degree to which employees are emotionally connected to the organization’s purpose, values, and vision and its leaders).

The Employee Passion Survey:

  1. Measures the level at which employees feel their intrinsic needs are being met.
  2. Identifies problem areas on all levels to create change initiatives.
  3. Gauges the level of trust employees have for their leadership team and organization.
  4. Builds a culture of trust, responsibility, and passion.

The comprehensive assessment gives leadership teams more information about employee trust levels and a better understanding of implementing sustainable change. Take the Employee Passion Survey and get started today.

Action Strategies Can Help Create Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion 

After employees complete the assessment, Action-Strategies-By-Design will analyze the data and prepare a leadership team report. The report will determine where the high and low trust levels are and create an action plan to close the gap.

When an organization takes action to build trust, it sets the foundation for successful diversity and inclusion initiatives. Prepare more effective initiatives by diagnosing trust levels and laying the groundwork. Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is a multi-tier process that all begins with trust.

Contact us to learn more about how Action-Strategies-By-Design can help your organization build trust and foster successful diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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