For Everything DiSC® Facilitators: Using the Everything DiSC Supplement for Facilitators

for everything disc® facilitators: using the everything disc supplement for facilitators 1Part of the power of the Everything DiSC® model lies in its simplicity. Yet as human beings we are quite complex, and it is therefore impossible to completely sum up someone’s personality or behavioral style with a dot on the DiSC map. 

If you have been facilitating Everything DiSC sessions for very long, it’s my guess that your experience is pretty much like mine: Most of the time participants see the description of their style as very accurate. It is rare in fact that someone believes the description is less than 75% accurate of them. And generally, those who know the person well agree. 

Every now and then though there is a participant that questions the accuracy of their “dot placement”. Or others on the team are surprised to learn the person’s style, even though they have nailed the styles of the rest of the team. 

When this happens, the Everything DiSC Supplement for Facilitators can often help shed light on the situation. This report is available, at no additional cost, for anyone who has taken Everything DiSC Workplace, Agile EQ, Productive Conflict, Management or Sales. It provides in-depth information on learner’s scores on the eight DiSC scales in the form of an “umbrella graph”; items where the individual’s responses are not correlated with their style; and scores on the priority (profile specific) subscales.  

As you can see in the picture below, two people can have virtually the same dot placement yet very different umbrella graphs. So, while we can see visually that these two individuals are both likely to exhibit many aspects of the D style, the one on the top is likely to exhibit greater enthusiasm (associated with the i scale) and emphasize both challenge (associated with the DC/CD scale) and action (associated with the Di/iD scale). While the one on the bottom is likely to exhibit a greater tendency toward collaboration (more typical of the (iS/Si scale) and emphasize results (associated with the D scale) for everything disc® facilitators: using the everything disc supplement for facilitators 2

Next time you have someone that questions the accuracy of their results, reports that their dot placement has moved significantly since they previously took the assessment, or whose team members are surprised at the individual’s results, turn to the Supplement for Facilitators Report to glean additional insight. This report is also very helpful when you are providing coaching. 

If you want to learn more about the Supplement for Facilitators Report or need assistance interpreting report please reach out. I am here as a resource for you. 

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