For Everything DiSC® Facilitators: Using Everything DiSC to Capitalize on Conflict

for everything disc® facilitators: using everything disc to capitalize on conflict 1

Where two or more are gathered there will be conflict. It is carved in stone. Conflict is a normal, natural part of life. And when it is channeled effectively it leads to new and better ways of doing things. As one of my former bosses used to say, “Full potential is never realized in a serene environment. 

The challenge is our brains often process conflict as a threat. As a  Harvard Business Journal article pointed out, when we perceive a threat, whether physical or emotional, we experience a “fight, flight, or freeze” response. The article goes on to say that when we are in this state, we also experience “decreases in motivation, focus, agility, cooperative behavior, self-control, sense of purpose and meaning, and overall well-being”.  In addition, a high level of perceived threat reduces the ability to problem solve and innovate. 

The foundation of healthy conflict is an environment where people feel safe to be themselves, to share information, put forth ideas, and disagree, as well as admit mistakes and ask for help. In short it is a culture based on trust where psychological safety is high, and conflict is not automatically perceived as a threat.  

A high-trust culture can be difficult to achieve though, especially in a diverse environment. While studies have shown that diversity of all kinds: ethnicity, gender, age, and thought lead to improved results. This is only the case when the conflicts that naturally arise in a diverse culture are effectively directed toward dialogue and debate around ideas and issues. This is where Everything DiSC® comes in.  

for everything disc® facilitators: using everything disc to capitalize on conflict 2

Whether you are using Everything DiSC Workplace to help people move from judging to valuing differences; Everything DiSC Productive Conflict to help people understand and reframe their role in conflictual situations; or Everything DiSC Agile EQ to help team members adapt their mindset to respond to conflict in more emotionally intelligent ways, the Everything DiSC suite of products can help. 

Everything DiSC Workplace: Everything DiSC Workplace helps team members discover their DiSC style; understand the style of others; and build more productive relationships. It can be used by everyone in an organization, from individual contributor to executive, to improve communication, enhance teamwork and develop an appreciation for diversity. By helping people move up from judging differences to understanding, respecting, appreciating, and ultimately valuing differences it helps create a culture of healthy conflict even on the most diverse teams. 

Everything DiSC Productive Conflict: Workplace conflict is inevitable, natural and necessary. Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict helps employees develop self-awareness around destructive, go-to behaviors they commonly use; manage these behaviors; and use more resourceful strategies – leading to better relationships and results. Use Everything DiSC Productive Conflict across the organization to turn toxic disagreements into successful outcomes. 

Everything DiSC Agile EQ: Everything DiSC Agile EQ teaches people how to read the emotional and interpersonal needs of a situation and respond in a way that leads to successful outcomes. By combining an understanding of DiSC with the development of emotional intelligence, employees discover an agile approach to workplace conflict and learn to effectively operate outside their comfort zone, helping them successfully meet the demands of any situation. 

If you would like to brainstorm approaches to using the Everything DiSC suite of products to help your organization transform toxic conflict into healthy conflict that drives results please reach out 

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