For Everything DiSC® Facilitators: Using DiSC® to Maintain High-Performing Culture

for everything disc® facilitators: using disc® to maintain high-performing culture

Nearly a year after the pandemic forced organizations across the globe to establish, in many cases, a total work-from-home workforce much of that workforce remains remote. While some employees have returned to the office, some never will. And many organizations are grappling with how to maintain their culture with a remote or hybrid workforce. 

The question becomes, “How can you help your organization maintain and even enhance its culture so culture can continue to serve as a GPS for employees?”

Whether employees are working from the office, remotely, or some combination of the two, Everything DiSC® is one tool you have available. Here are three ways you can utilize Everything DiSC as a Culture Catalyst.

  • To build trust.  Most leaders would agree that trust is foundational to a high-performing culture. Building trust remotely or in times of high stress can be especially challenging. We know we are hard-wired to trust those that are most like us and distrust those who are different. DiSC is especially well suited to helping build trust because it provides an understanding the behaviors that are most likely to build and erode trust in those of other styles. 
  • To help team members value diversity. A respect for diversity, including diversity of thought, leads to a higher-performing culture. DiSC provides a framework for understanding different perspectives and what’s important to different styles. This awareness of the different ways we view the world leads to a culture of greater understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of differences. Ultimately it leads to a culture that values the different strengths and perspectives that each team member brings. 
  • To improve communication. Effective communication is necessary to creating and maintaining a high-performing culture. Yet it is something that both leaders and their teams struggle to do well. DiSC can help us the beliefs, priorities, motivators, and perceptions of others. Understanding these factors helps decode the type of communication that will be most effective.  

Creating and maintaining a high-performing culture can be challenging even when people are working face-to-face on a regular basis. That challenge is magnified when team members are working remotely. It requires even greater intentionality and focus, as well as specialized tools.

This is where the new Everything DiSC Catalyst™ platform can help. This platform is designed to by a Culture Catalyst by integrating Everything DiSC into the culture of the organization. It provides participants:

  • The results of their Everything DiSC profile
  • Real-time tips for building more effective interactions with colleagues
  • An on-demand learning hub that they can access whenever they need to better understand themselves and their teammates.

The Catalyst platform lends itself especially well to remote work environments. 

Take a tour of the all new Everything DiSC Catalyst Platform or contact us to learn more.

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