For Everything DiSC® Facilitators: Understanding Emotional Intelligence through the Lens of DiSC®

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How do you help people become more emotionally intelligent? How do you get the guy on your team to stop talking over everyone in meetings or get someone else in that same meeting, comfortable enough that they can promote their great idea, or help someone show empathy, or step back and take a breath before they say something that they’ll regret?

It has long been recognized that EQ is a critical characteristic of managers. Today, with the exponential speed of change and the need for agility, EQ is a critical skill that everyone needs if an organization is going to be effective. Learning how to become more emotionally intelligent is challenging and takes time, but with the help of Everything DiSC®, leaders better understand and develop their team’s emotional intelligence as well as their own.

Dr. Mark Scullard, Senior Director of Product Innovation at Wiley, helps breakdown and simplify emotional intelligence into two different parts, understanding and developing.transforming culture with agile leadership webinar

Understanding EQ with Everything DiSC®

What is Emotional intelligence or EQ? How is it developed? How does it impact my team’s performance?

Emotional intelligence is basically about making good decisions when you’re in a social situation or an emotionally charged situation. While this sounds simple, often as leaders we don’t make thoseunderstanding eqgood decisions, particularly at work. This often leads to a chain effect, leaving our team members misaligned, conflicted, and overall more unproductive.

Before a leader can develop their own emotional intelligence or their team members, they first must understand what EQ truly is. This video from Dr. Mark Scullard, helps viewers understand emotional intelligence and sheds light on why it can be so challenging to make good decisions in social or emotionally-charged situations.

Developing EQ with Everything DiSC®

After we get a firm understanding of emotional intelligence, managers must begin developing theirs and others EQ, but how? How do you help people become more emotionally intelligent? In adeveloping eq second video from Dr. Mark Scullard, he answers these questions by inviting viewers into a research-backed process that leverages the DiSC model to develop emotional intelligence at scale.

Wiley Workplace Solutions, conducted a study with little over 6000 learners over two years, to understand how to help others become more emotionally intelligent. As a result, Wiley identified three main problems that much be solved in order to help develop greater EQ:

  1. How do we get people invested in developing their EQ?
  2. How do we help them figure out what to improve?
  3. How do you get people to break their well-worn patterns?

With Everything DiSC Agile EQ, managers will now be able to dive deeper than ever before to answer these questions and others. Agile EQ breaks down not only your personality style but also those of your teammates giving you in depth insight on how to better develop yours and others’ emotional intelligence.

If you have not (or even if you have) had the opportunity to hear Dr. Mark Scullard, I highly recommend you watch these videos. Dr. Mark always provides a greater understanding of the nuances of DiSC. Whether you are currently using Everything DiSC Agile EQ, thinking about incorporating this application, or just want to gain greater insight into each of the DiSC styles you will gain value from these videos.

For more information on Agile EQ or how DiSC® can help your team develop emotional intelligence contact us!

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