For Everything DiSC® Facilitators: The Pros and Cons of Providing Participants Profiles Prior to the Session

a wiley brandOne of the questions I get most frequently from Everything DiSC facilitators, is whether or not to allow participants access to their completed profile before the session. 

I used to be really reluctant to let people have their profile/see what their style was ahead of time. However, I was getting pushed by clients to do shorter and shorter sessions. When I had a very limited amount of time, I started allowing participants to get their profiles in advance. This allowed them to review the information ahead of time and gave more time for activities and exercises during the session. 

It seemed to work well so for the last few years I have generally allowed participants to get their profiles in advance and I have not really seen a downside.  In addition to taking up less of class time having participants read the profile, it also gives those people who need more time to process information the time to do so. 

Another pro is that you can ask participants to print and bring their profile with them to the session and there is not the administrative time of one person printing out all the profiles. The downside to this is you need to have a back-up plan in place in case someone doesn’t bring their profile. With technology today though it is pretty easy to get someone at least a digital version that they can see on their phone, tablet or computer, even at the last minute. (Note: I am still a fan of people having a paper copy of their profile, but that may just be my preference for paper.) 

Finally, if you want participants to do pre-work in advance of the session, in addition to giving them access to their profile you can give them access to ahead of time. Ask them to upload their report and then you can have them use the site to request a Comparison Report with another participant or do another activity on during class to get greater buy-in for using this tool. 

Bottom line, today if I have less than 4 hours with a group, I generally allow them to get their profiles ahead of time and ask them to read first 7 or 8 pages (depending on the specific profile). Sometimes even if I have longer than 4 hours (which is rare in today’s environment) I allow them to have access ahead of time. 

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