For Everything DiSC® Facilitators: New on Catalyst™ – Group Continua

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Have you seen the new Group Continua on Catalyst™ yet? Many of you have asked for it. Some of you have painstakingly spent hours creating them by hand.

Group Continua takes the Your Groups functionality that was introduced last year to a whole new level. It provides fun insights that team members can use to build connections and community with Everything DiSC®.

Participants are able to quickly visualize the tendencies and preferences of the people they work with. Team members are plotted along eight different behavioral continua to uncover strengths, address challenges and understand blind spots. The result: better communication, enhanced working relationships, and overall improved performance.

How does it work?

Group Continua are located under the Group Insights tab in the Your Groups feature on Catalyst. If your organization is already using Everything DiSC on Catalyst, this functionality is automatically available to all learners. To see where your team falls on the continua follow these easy steps:

  1. Log into Catalyst and navigate to “Your Groups” on the home page.
  2. Create a group or click on a group you have previously created.
  3. Click on the “Group Insights” tab.
  4. Scroll down to “Your Group by Tendency”.
  5. Explore all eight group continua to better understand your team’s dynamics.

Discover your team’s communication blind spots

How could your teams benefit from discovering their communication blind spots?

What if it was clear to everyone on the team who focuses on possibilities and who focuses on realities? Or maybe you will discover that most of the team prefers an unstructured environment while one or two people favor more structure. Perhaps the group is split between those who prefer to work at a faster pace versus those who prefer a more moderate pace.

  • How does this impact how team members work together?
  • What are some specific ways it plays out in day-to-day interactions?
  • How does it inform the team’s performance in different situations?
  • What are the group’s strengths?
  • What are the areas for development and how could enhancing these improve outcomes?

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With Group Continua you can gain insights like those above (and more) into the team’s tendencies, recognize group strengths, and identify areas for development. Group Continua makes it easier to have discussions around differences in an open, honest way without judgement or blaming. The results: better working relationships and improved performance.

Learn more

Contact us today to brainstorm ways you can implement Group Continua into your DiSC sessions and set your teams on the path to even better communication, working relationships, and overall performance.

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