For Everything DiSC® Facilitators: Leveraging Everything DiSC® to Navigate Change

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The workplace is chalk full of change, much of it unwanted, at least unwanted by those it is thrust upon. It is the responsibility of leaders and managers to help people navigate these changes – some of which they are having difficulty navigating themselves.

Resistance to change is a natural reaction. The question is not how do we prevent resistance but rather how can we help people move through the resistance more quickly to a place of exploring, problem solving and acceptance? Indeed, how can managers help themselves do that?

People react to change differently. Different people have different needs in the exact same situation. If you want more people to move from resistance to acceptance more quickly it is important to understand, acknowledge, and to the extent possible meet those individual needs. building trust w everything disc webinar

Everything DiSC® is a tool that helps managers understand not only their own natural reactions to change but also their team members’ natural reaction. 

For example, someone with the D or Dominance style wants to restore a sense of control. People with the i (Influence style) or S (Steadiness style) may be concerned about maintaining connection. They need to express their emotions and feel included. A team member in the C or Conscientiousness style is likely to have a strong need for information and an understanding of “why” the change is being made.

Watch the video below as Dr. Mark Scullard, Sr. Director of Product Innovation for the Wiley Assessment Brands expands on the psychological needs of each of the DiSC styles during times of change. 

And join Dr. Scullard for a complimentary webinar, Navigating Change: A Manager’s Guide to Leading the Way on Thursday, December 7 from 1-2 p.m. Click here to learn more and register. Everyone who registers will receive a link to the recording. (Select “Guest of Authorized Partner”. Enter Julie Chance for Authorized Partner and for the email address.)

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