For Everything DiSC® Facilitators: Amplifying the Impact of DiSC Using Comparison Reports

for everything disc® facilitators: amplifying the impact of disc using comparison reports 1One of the value adds that comes with the Everything DiSC® suite of profiles is Comparison Reports. Comparison Reports can be run between any two people who have taken an Everything DiSC assessment at no additional cost. 

Many of the teams I work with consider this to be one of the most powerful aspects of the program because it helps team members move from judging differences to valuing differences. This change in perspective leads to greater understanding, increased appreciation, and more effective working relationships. 

How can you capitalize on the power of Comparison Reports in your organization? 

Here are a few ideas: 

  • Following an Everything DiSC session, especially one that involves an intact team, have participants meet oneonone with each other to review their reports.  
  • Recommend that managers meet with each of their direct reports to review Comparison Reports and enhance their working relationships 
  • When there is conflict between two individuals, use Comparison Reports to help them see how style may be impacting the situation and better understand each other’s perspective. 
  • When a new member joins the team, encourage one-on-one meetings between each team member to review Comparison Reports as a way of more quickly integrating the new member and accelerating the development of effective working relationships. 
  • When a project team kicks off or a cross-functional team is created, have team members meet one-on-one to review Comparison Reports. 

How else have you used Comparison Reports? Please let me know your ideas and successes. 

Structuring the Conversations 

Too often I find that we provide participants with Comparison Reports and request that they meet without providing them any guidance in structuring the conversation. When this happens, it can lead to people not being sure where to start or how to use the information – resulting in a less than optimal experience. Here is an approach that I use.  

(Note: this assumes participants are using a PDF of the Comparison Report from EPIC or downloaded from, or that they have access to Everything DiSCCatalyst. See section on “The Mechanics” below for more information.) 

  • Have the two people explore areas where they are similar and different. Then ask them to answer this question: How might these similarities and differences impact their working relationship – positively and negatively? 
  • For each continuum or for selected continua if there is not time to do all of them:  
    • Under “Potential Roadblocks” ask them to explore with each other if they believe statements are accurate.  
    • Then ask them to share with each other the value that they see the other person bringing to the table. There are conversations starters for this under “Potential Benefits of Working Together”.  
    • Finally, ask them to look at the tips and pick one or two that they believe will help their working relationship and that they will commit to doing. Ask them to document what they agree to do on the action plan at the end of the Comparison Report. 

You can download a document here that outlines the continua to have pairs focus on for each of the following objectives: Managing Tension, Getting Buy-in, Building Relationships/Connecting, Getting/Giving Feedback, Working on a Project/Collaboration.  

The Mechanics of Providing Comparison Reports to Learners 

There are three ways to provide learners access to their Comparison Reports: 

  • The EPIC administrator can run Comparison Reports in EPIC. This can be done under “Create New Reports” or using the “Batch Report” function. If you are running reports for multiple people, the Batch Report function is a real time saver.  
  • Learners can invite people to compare and access Comparison Reports on their own through They can also download a pdf of their report through 
  • If you are using the new Everything DiSC Catalyst platform learners will automatically have access to Comparison information for everyone in their “organization”. The EPIC administrator determines who is included in the organization. 

If you would like to brainstorm ways to use Comparison Reports more fully within your organization or have any questions regarding the use of Comparison Reports please reach out. I am here as a resource for you. 

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