For Everything DiSC® Facilitators: Build a More Engaged Team Culture with the New Your Groups Function on Catalyst

for everything disc® facilitators: build a more engaged team culture with the new your groups function on catalyst 1

Have you tried the new Your Groups function on Everything DiSC® on Catalyst yet? 

The DiSC model has been used for decades by organizations large and small throughout the United States and beyond to help improve team communication, build trust, enhance teamwork, and foster a culture of engagement.  

If your company is using Everything DiSC on Catalyst you know the power of this platform to help increase your return on investment in DiSC by integrating DiSC into your culture and providing a way for learners to continue their DiSC learning journey. 

The new Your Groups function takes the benefits of Catalyst to the next level!

Imagine a world where people deeply understood their teammates, regardless of where or how they are working together, and could use those insights to create a more engaged, high-performing team culture. Whether it is strengths, challenges, or blind spots, team members could adapt their behavior to help the team perform at its best.  

for everything disc® facilitators: build a more engaged team culture with the new your groups function on catalyst 2

Your Groups is a simple, fun, and interactive tool available to all learners on Catalyst. It is designed to help learners better understand and collaborate with their teammates across the organization who are also on Catalyst.  

This new feature empowers Catalyst learners create DiSC maps of the various teams or groups of people they work with whether that’s individuals from another department, a cross-functional team, a project team, or a group for whom they are preparing a presentation.  

Imagine these scenarios: 

A group of people from departments across the organization are brought together as a project team to implement a high-priority strategic initiative. These people are from different locations and many of them work remotely. None of them have ever worked together before. Because they have all participated in an Everything DiSC on Catalyst program, the project manager creates a Your Groups map and shares it with the team during their first meeting. The team members learn more about each other’s styles and how to work together. They also gain insights into their team DiSC culture. 

for everything disc® facilitators: build a more engaged team culture with the new your groups function on catalyst 3

A leader is assigned to manage a new team. Most of the team has worked together for a couple of years but the leader does not know any of her new direct reports. They have all taken Everything DiSC on Catalyst, so the leader uses the Your Groups function to create a map of her new team and gain significant insights into the team’s likely strengths and culture. 

A team member has an idea that he needs support for from the next level of management. As part of his preparation for a meeting to pitch his idea, he uses the Your Groups function to create a DiSC map of the group to whom he will be presenting. This helps him identify the information that will likely be most important for the members of the group to hear. He tailors his presentation to the specific communication styles of the group. 

These are just three real-life scenarios where Your Groups on Everything DiSC on Catalyst can lead to better performance more quickly. Please reach out for more information and the ideas you have for using Your Groups in your company. 

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