For Everything DiSC® Catalyst™ Users: Integrating New Team Members with Everything DiSC Catalyst

For Everything DiSC® Catalyst™ Users

Integrating New Team Members with Everything DiSC Catalyst

This month in our video series for Everything DiSC® facilitators and participants, Julie Chance  discusses five ways to use Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ to integrate new team members into the team. 

First, the leader can have a discussion with the new team member using the information in the Colleagues section of Catalyst. This will help them understand communication styles, similarities, differences, and stressors.

Second, add the new team member to team’s group on Catalyst and have a team discussion using Conversation Starters to help the new team member understand team culture.

Third, have each team member review their DiSC stye story and share one strength from the narrative that resonates with them and has helped them be successful and one thing that is true for them and sometimes trips them up. This provides an understanding of strengths and weaknesses across the team and helps encourage team members to be vulnerable with each other.

Fourth, have team members share a motivator and stressor from the “What drives you” section from Workplace. You may want to document this information and keep it where people can reference it.

Fifth, encourage each team member to meet with the new team member to review their information in the Colleagues section of Catalyst. 

Not only will these activities help integrate and onboard new team members, it will also provide a great refresher for existing team members and help keep DiSC alive in the workplace. 

These activities can also be implemented as part of a kick off meeting when project teams, task forces, or committees are formed with people from different areas of the organization. 

Watch the video to learn more or you can read the transcript here.

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