For Everything DiSC® Catalyst™ Users: Exploring Team Culture

For the next few months, we will be sharing a series of videos exploring ways to use Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ in your facilitated sessions or with your team on an ongoing basis if you have participated in a Catalyst session. This month we are Exploring Team DiSC culture.

These videos are specifically geared towards everything DiSC facilitators, as well as leaders and teams who have been through a Catalyst session. And if you are curious about how Everything DiSC on Catalyst might benefit your team and organization this is a great place to start.

In this video Julie Chance reviews The “build a group” function that allows users to create and share groups with colleagues and provides insights into the distribution of DiSC styles within the group.

She explores the implications of having similar or diverse DiSC styles within a group and suggests ways to facilitate discussions around group dynamics and culture.

Watch the video to learn more.

You can read the transcript here.
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