For Everything DiSC® Catalyst™ Users: Conversation Starters

This month in our video series exploring ways to use Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ in your facilitated sessions or with your team on an ongoing basis if you have participated in a Catalyst session we are exploring Conversation Starters.

Julie Chance introduces the Conversation Starters feature in Everything DiSC Catalyst for facilitators and participants. Conversation Starters is accessed through My Groups and aims to help leaders integrate DiSC concepts into their daily work, improve team communication, and address situations where communication may have broken down.

The feature offers three topic areas – get to know your team, make decisions together, and communicate clearly. Julie explores the “communicate clearly” topic, discussing the continuum between being tactful and speaking frankly, and providing discussion questions to guide conversations around communication styles within a team.

The Conversation Starters feature prompts discussions on team dynamics, communication preferences, and decision-making approaches by presenting continua and discussion questions for participants to reflect on their communication styles. Participants are encouraged to consider the impact of their communication preferences on team functioning, explore scenarios where tactfulness or frankness would be beneficial, and discuss the benefits and consequences of structured versus unstructured approaches to communication. By engaging in these conversations and identifying areas for improvement, teams can enhance their communication effectiveness and foster a more collaborative and understanding working environment.

Watch the video to learn more or you can read the transcript here.

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