Featured Product: The Five Behaviors™ Powered by All Types

Does your team trust one another and engage in healthy conflict to resolve workplace issues?


Do team members commit to decisions and hold one another accountable to those decisions?


Is your team focused on achieving collective results over individual goals?


Cohesive, high-performing teams understand how their individual and collective strengths can be leveraged to achieve optimal results.


The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ powered by All Types™ combines The Five Dysfunctions of a Team model by Patrick Lencioni and the principles of Jung’s theory of psychological types, to help teams better understand their personalities and how personalities impact teamwork.


This assessment-based team development experience is a practical guide to helping your team excel at the Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams™:

  • Trust: How confident are team members in the good intentions of their peers?
  • Conflict: How effectively is your team engaging in debate and dialogue around issues and ideas to develop creative solutions to problems?
  • Commitment: Is your team clear on and in support of team decisions even when they did not initially agree?
  • Accountability: Are team members willing to hold their peers accountable?
  • Results: Is the team focused on collective results rather than individual goals.


The All Types™ theory was popularized in the 1940s by similar models, such as MBTI®. Coupled with the Five Behaviors™, this program offers modern insights into the psychological factors that contribute to a cohesive, high-performing team.


Everything You Need to Be Successful With the Five Behaviors ™   

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ powered by All Types™ system includes everything you need to implement the program within your organization:


  1. Personalized Profile

The team profile is an in-depth, 36-page personalized report based on the results of the team as a whole and each individual. The profile includes visuals, feedback, tips and strategies specifically designed to enhance the team’s success, as well as an action plan for moving forward and improving team effectiveness.


Check out a Sample Profile.


  1. Facilitators Kit including:
    • Scripted Facilitator’s Guide
    • PowerPoint Slides
    • Participant Handouts


The Facilitation Kit includes everything you need to conduct this program within your organization. Using the activities, videos and discussion guides, you’ll be well-equipped to engage and assist teams in discovering how to become more cohesive and achieve collective results.


  1. Facilitator Accreditation

To really make the most of the Five Behaviors™, the Facilitator Accreditation will help you navigate the program and guide the teams you work with to greater success. Learn how to manage conflict, stay on track with a targeted agenda and lead key conversations among team members. This course will help you gain confidence and expertise to leverage the power of the Five Behaviors™.


Ask me about how to start your Facilitator Accreditation.  


We can also develop and facilitate a customized program for your team.


What are people saying about The Five Behaviors™?


“Our team uncovered issues and had straightforward conversations.”


“Phenomenal product and phenomenal process to engage people.”


“The conversations generated were the best part of the programs.”


See how Lee Memorial Health System used the Five Behaviors ™ to transform a diverse department into a healthy team.


Let’s schedule a 15-minute conversation to discuss how The Five Behaviors Powered by All Types can help your team become more cohesive, productive and effective in achieving collective results.


P.S. 97% of participants said they saw significant improvement in their team’s performance after using the Five Behaviors ™.


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