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Are you tired of hiring for skills and firing for fit? This could be costing your organization more than a headache. As the Aberdeen Group noted in their 2014 research, organizations who used a pre-hiring assessment tool, such as PXT Select™, yield a better result in choosing the right applicant for the desired position.

PXT Select is the market’s newest selection assessment (pxt assessment). This new tool enables organizations to match people with jobs that bring out their best potential. It equips organizations with usable data that will lead to smarter interviews and stronger hires.

By evaluating a person’s cognitive abilities, behavioral traits and interests, PXT Select reflects the three areas of the person-environment fit model.

This particular assessment also provides an in-depth look into a candidate’s skill set, ideal working environment and much more.

How Will a Pre-Hiring PXT Assessment Help Your Organization?

A pre-hiring assessment can:

  • Yield higher retention and talent growth rates per an Aberdeen Group 2014 research publication.
  • Save you money by reducing turnover. Society for Human Resources Management reported that a bad hire can cost you up to 5x the annual salary of the bad hire.

What Are the Real Impacts of a Bad Hire?

HR consulting firm, Robert Half International, cites recruiting and hiring the right employees as the most critical aspect of running a small business.

To Half, the cost of a bad hire is higher than ever before and extends far beyond the financial aspect of a hire.

In fact, the wrong hire can actually affect your organization’s morale.

Owing low morale to supervisors having to pick up the slack, bad hires don’t mesh well with current employees, and the time lost trying to fill the position will add pressure to your current team.

Implementing a hiring assessment, such as PXT Select, can yield huge rewards for your business.

Having objective data to use in the decision-making process will be hugely beneficial to your organization and ease your company’s approach to hiring. The data that PXT Select will provide you with will allow you to maximize candidate strengths.

Who Is PXT Select For?

Well, the short answer is everyone! However, PXT Select can be particularly helpful to Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

SMBs (1,000 or fewer employees) have a smaller window to correct mistakes, which is why using a pre-hire assessment is critical for these organizations.

SMBs are 43% more likely than enterprises to use an assessment more consistently throughout the recruitment process.

Best-in-Class companies are 56% more likely than others to use a pre-hire assessment model to hire new employees. These companies are also 95% more likely to have a consistent competency model for hiring and promoting.

PXT Select is an excellent resource that can help you implement your own competency model.

Use the PXT Select hiring assessment to make more informed hiring decisions that can jumpstart a streak of success in your company today by filling the gap between the résumé and interview!

Let’s talk and start working towards developing the talent in your organization today.

I’m excited to share with you the opportunity to learn more about this new, innovative assessment at my July 11th showcase where Julie Straw, the VP at Wiley, will share a product overview as well as cases from organizations which used PXT Select to improve their hiring process.

PXT Select is a trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. or its affiliated companies.

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