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Workplace conflict is inevitable, natural and necessary.


Yet the word “conflict” carries a heavy weight and sends plenty of leaders running.


Conflict is a tool teams and leaders can use to achieve win/win outcomes and maintain healthy, sincere relationships.


Everything DiSC ® Productive Conflict takes productive conflict a step further to help develop emotional intelligence among team members.


When a difficult situation arises in your team, how is it resolved? That’s the big question.


Teams that understand the value of conflict and use it to their benefit, not hindrance, focus on maintaining the relationship by finding solutions that everyone can support. They debate issues, ideas and topics, rather than focusing their energy on personalities or viewing teammates as “opponents.”


Everything DiSC ® Productive Conflict helps team members change their automatic thinking that can cause unproductive conflict, leading to improved emotional intelligence.


For example, say you propose a new idea at a team meeting. The initial reaction is a mixed bag, with some people strongly on board and others completely against. The ones who are against your idea think it is “bad” and will “never work.”


Your initial reaction might be something like, “They are just a bunch of naysayers. They don’t know what they’re talking about and I know I’m right.”


What happens next?


Either the proposal gets approved or doesn’t, but regardless “sides” have been drawn, relationships have been damaged, and productivity is definitely hindered. Shouldn’t there be a better way?


Disagreement Doesn’t Have to Lead to an Unhappy Ending


Here’s where Everything DiSC ® Productive Conflict comes in.


Take the same situation among a group of individuals who have gone through the program. Now, your thought process towards a negative reaction will be something more like, “I know these people don’t like change, so that explains their negative reaction, but they may also have some validity.”


Next ensues a lively discussion around the idea itself, not the people involved. Everything DiSC ® has enabled the team to see the situation from different perspectives. There is no fear of judgement or alienation for having an opposing idea. Ultimately a better solution is found: one with which everyone can get on board.


Everything You Need to Be Successful with Everything DiSC ® Productive Conflict


1. Your DiSC ® Style

A full evaluation of your DiSC style highlights the ways in which you tend to respond to conflict. Your DiSC style indicates where you naturally focus your energy and priorities, as well as primary strengths and weaknesses that impact your workplace relationships and interactions.


In this assessment especially, it highlights your relationships during conflict: including values, stressors, productive and destructive tendencies, and how they relate to others. It will also show you how to leverage your style to be productive in conflict.


2. Destructive Responses

A look into why our automatic thoughts are sometimes destructive. This assessment uncovers why your automatic thoughts are as they are, and why we react in negative ways: by arguing, seeking revenge or through passive aggression.


There is also an opportunity to learn about how you can recognize your automatic thoughts before they get the better of you and your situation.


3. Changing Your Response

Now that you know your DiSC style and destructive responses, learn how to change your response. This section will show you how to remove your emotions from the situation, take a step back, and reframe the situation towards a more productive path.


If you think Everything DiSC  ® Productive Conflict could benefit your team, let’s schedule a time to talk.


Download a sample of the Productive Conflict profile.


Ask me how we can get your team started with Everything DiSC ® to reduce destructive conflict and stress the the power of productive conflict to build happier, healthier, higher-functioning teams.


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