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How aligned is your leadership team? 

Author and marketing strategist Donald Miller tells of a time when not a single person on his team – including his wife – could recite their company’s core values. He realized if they couldn’t remember their own core values, they couldn’t create a company culture or effectively lead their employees. In short, he realized his leadership team wasn’t properly aligned, and therefore wasn’t leading to the best of their ability. 

I often speak with leaders who are concerned with improving metrics such as turnover rates, employee productivity, and team performance. While these are all important issues that need to be assessed and addressed, it’s important for leadership to get on the proverbial same page first. 

If your leadership team isn’t aligned, you may experience: 

  • Finger pointing rather than problem solving
  • Lack of accountability; team members fail to take personal responsibility for results
  • The same issues revisited over and over again without resolution
  • Decisions that either aren’t made or aren’t implemented
  • Stagnate productivity and innovation 
  • Losing ground competitively

An Aligned Leadership Team – the Roadmap to Success

Purpose, Vision and Values are more than a company motto or a strategic five-year plan. They provide the big picture so employees understand where the company is going and how they play a role in that forward movement. They’re empowered to make decisions and take responsibility for their actions and contributions. 

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 When the leadership team is not aligned around vision and other key elements that provide a strategic direction, the workplace can often feel like chaos. Employees will develop learned helplessness because they rely on a manager or leader to dictate every task or step in a plan. Leaders may drive their own agenda and think short-term, rather than collaborating on the priorities that will drive long-term productivity and success. This means people will work on whatever they think is important – or worse, whatever is most urgent – instead of focusing on the priorities of the organization. 

How the Team Alignment Survey Can Help

Leaders often use data-driven approaches such as KPIs when assessing performance. They frequently put less focus on the vision, purpose, and values of the organization,  perhaps because they seem intangible, yet they are  just as critical to the success of your organization as KPIs. 

Trust Inside Assessments puts it this way: “How can the leaders in your organization provide direction for their teams, when they themselves are not clear or don’t buy-in to the vision? Imagine this paralysis afflicting all the employees in your organization who ultimately report to them.”

The Team Alignment Survey helps leadership teams conduct a self-check by assessing their clarity on and agreement with six key areas: 

  • Purpose – why the team was created
  • Vision – an expression of what members want the team to become
  • Values – how a team operates & the standards they commit to when dealing with each other
  • Goals – what a team must achieve in the short term to accomplish their vision
  • Priorities – the most important thing the team needs to focus on to achieve their goals
  • Roles – who is responsible for completing which steps and achieving goals

The survey also assesses the level of trust among team members. This assessment is especially well suited for leadership teams that have oversight, such as the C-suite, HR leadership, IT, or management teams. 

As leaders, we must be willing to critique ourselves and hold one another accountable. The Team Alignment Survey does just that. Think of it as a neutral third party that can give an unbiased assessment of your organizational leadership. 

Want to know more about the Team Alignment Survey? Contact me for a complimentary consultation to learn which team assessments are the best fit for your organization. 

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