Featured Product: PXT Select Assessment In The Hiring Process

Think back to the last time you hired a new team member.

What was your process?

Did you even have a structured process at all?

According to a study conducted by The Aberdeen Group, as many as 57% of businesses use pre-hire assessments, and that number is steadily increasing.

In fact, top-performing teams, as defined by the same study, use pre-hire assessments and are:

  • Two times more likely to have employees who exceed performance expectations (79% vs. 38%);
  • 65% more likely to have a strong leadership bench (79% vs. 48%); and
  • 35% more likely to have more engaged employees (85% vs. 63%).

featured product: pxt select assessment in the hiring processHave you thought about using pre-hire assessments?

Either way, chances are your hiring process — from interviewing, selection and ongoing talent development — could always be enhanced by incorporating a proven pre-hire assessment.

Assessments are not only a valuable tool in the pre-hire process. The most successful organizations are also using assessments to identify and develop high-potential employees, make promotion decisions, and create coaching and development plans.

How Can PXT Select ™ Help Your Organization?

While there are many pre-hire assessments on the market, PXT Select ™ stands out from the crowd as a tool that allows organizations to:

  • Get a clear picture of candidate’s cognitive skills, behavioral style and interests.
  • Interview with greater confidence and purpose using tailored questions and the tips of “what to listen for.”
  • Find ways to maximize their employees’ skills and potential, so they can contribute their utmost.
  • Align team members with positions and responsibilities at which they excel, as well as enjoy.
  • Reduce turnover, increase employee engagement and retain happy, fulfilled employees for the long term.

Yet, as with all things, pre-hire assessments are not a silver bullet for effective hiring. Hiring managers and human resources professionals must understand how to effectively use these tools to maximize their investment and develop strong, connected, high-performing teams.

Here are a few tips for the best use of PXT Select ™ in the hiring process:

Avoid relying too much on the assessment results.

Organizations should view pre-hire assessments as a tool that provides more objective support to the decision-making process. However, they do not provide ALL the answers. Assessment results should account for only one-third of the hiring decision.

Train hiring managers in the best use of PXT Select Assessment.

It is essential for hiring managers to receive in-depth training on how to use PXT Select ™. This way, they won’t rely too heavily on the results or feel like their autonomy and control in hiring decisions is being taken away.

Legal considerations should be taken into account when using PXT Select ™ in the selection process. For example, an important legal consideration to remember is that if you use a pre-hire assessment with one candidate at a given level of the process, you need to give it to all candidates for the same job at that level.

This means if you use an assessment as a screening tool between receipt of resume and initial interview for a specific position, you should use it with all candidates for that position prior to the initial interview.

On the other hand, you may decide to use an assessment after an initial round of interviews. So now only those candidates selected to come back for a final round will need to take it. This is acceptable as well, as long as the assessment is given to all final candidates for the position.

Use the assessment to leverage effectiveness in all stages of talent development.

The companies who get the most from the investment are those who use it throughout the talent development process, from hiring to onboarding, coaching, team development, and identification of high-potential employees.

PXT Select ™ guides HR professionals through a suite of reports that help teams select, hire, coach and develop team members to their utmost potential.

Explore the PXT Select ™ Report Guide.

Want to learn more about maximizing your investment with PXT Select ™? Check out Seven Tips for Maximizing Your Pre-Hire Assessment Investment here.

If you are open to exploring how PXT Select ™ can support your organization in making smarter hiring decisions more easily, let’s schedule a time to talk.

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