Featured Product: Everything DiSC® Catalyst™

featured product: everything disc® catalyst™ 1

Culture is a top priority for leaders according to the Q3 2019 Vistage CEO Confidence Index. Sixty-four percent of CEOs surveyed said creating a strong culture is a very important talent management challenge and 63% strongly agreed that culture is critical to their company’s performance and success.

Yet only 28% strongly agreed that their culture exemplifies their values and only 11% strongly agreed that they were satisfied with the strength of their organizational culture. This was before the pandemic forced so many organizations into a work from home mode – something that has likely only exacerbated the problem.

There is clearly a gap between how important CEOs believe culture is and how well their organizations are doing at shaping it. And with so much of the workforce working remotely, actively shaping culture is more important – and more difficult – now than ever.

Introducing Everything DiSC® Catalyst™

To help organizations actively shape their culture to support morale, engagement, and continued success, Wiley Workplace Solutions has released a new Everything DiSC® platform – Everything DiSC Catalyst™

This new platform is designed to make the Everything DiSC learning journey more seamless and impactful for participants by integrating learning into the culture of the organization. In addition to a more impactful, long lasting experience, the Catalyst platform will increase your organization’s return on investment in Everything DiSC.

Click on the picture below to take a video tour.

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Catalyst is a personalized, on-demand learning platform that:

  • Delivers the narrative style results from the Everything DiSC profile, allowing learners to delve into their style and develop greater self-awareness as well as new skills
  • Offers real-time tips for building more effective interaction with a learner’s colleagues including suggestions for effectively communicating and navigating the situation when things get tense
  • Serves as a learning hub throughout the learner’s ongoing DiSC journey

Additionally, the new Catalyst platform lends itself nicely to virtual facilitation and remote work environments. This is especially helpful as many organizations continue to explore work from home as long-term options for many employees. Now, employees and leaders can access the Everything DiSC tools they need no matter where they are or how they work.

Currently only Everything DiSC Workplace is available on the Catalyst platform. However, in the future learners will be able to unlock content from additional Everything DiSC profiles including Agile EQ, Productive Conflict, and Management – by taking just one assessment.

To support organizations who have already invested in Everything DiSC Workplace, there are two special offers. First, anyone who currently owns an Everything DiSC Workplace facilitators kit can get access to the new facilitation designed specifically for Catalyst at no cost. Second, anyone who has already taken an Everything DiSC Workplace profile can convert to the Catalyst platform at no additional cost through the end of 2020. So, act now delay if you’re interested in transitioning.

Everything DiSC Catalyst provides a greater impact for learners, a greater impact on culture, and a greater return on investment for organizations. In short, Catalyst can help leaders create a more stable, productive, and effective team no matter the location.

Investing in your team and culture should have a lasting impact and with Catalyst it can.

Contact me to learn more about how DiSC Catalyst can help engage and connect your team, or to start converting your team to the Catalyst platform.

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