Executive Leadership Training Programs for Team Success

Action Strategy’s executive leadership training programs inspire leaders to engage, energize, and mobilize their staff to take action. Effective leadership is crucial in developing a competitive edge that drives consistent results.

Our executive leadership training course features several modules designed to help take you, your team, and your company to the next level. The following is a summary of program modules available to help you become a better leader:

Becoming A Multi-Dimensional Leader: Adapting Your Natural Leadership Style for Maximum Effectiveness

Executive leaders must know their leadership style to be effective and that style has its strengths and limitations, and there are situations where one leadership style is more effective than another. For instance, a “Humble” leader may maintain composure and avoid potential issues with careful planning, but have difficulty making tough decisions. A “Commanding” leader may accomplish tasks, but run roughshod over potential allies. Our executive leadership training course is based on the Everything DiSC® leadership model. This model looks at the strengths and limitations of each leadership style and the situations where each style is most effective. Afterward, participants can craft a multi-dimensional approach to grow to be a more valuable leader.

executive leadership training programs

Unleash the Potential of Your People: How to Delegate, Motivate, and Coach for Maximum Results

Imagine what the increased productivity would mean to your organization if your employees were 20 to 25 percent more engaged. Leaders hold the key to engaging and motivating their teams by unlocking the potential of each employee. This requires an acute understanding of the different filters through which we experience the world and how those filters drive beliefs, priorities, perceptions, and actions. The Everything DiSC® Management training program provides a model for understanding the lenses through which employees see the world. The model offers a framework for directing, delegating, motivating, and coaching employees for maximum results.

The Work of Leaders: Creating Vision, Gaining Alignment, and Championing Execution

When creating a vision, are you open or do you seek closure? When building team alignment, you may merely present information or  you can encourage the exchange of perspectives. When championing execution, do you sweep problems under the rug to maintain harmony or do you address issues up-front?

The Everything DiSC™Work of Leaders executive leadership training course explores 18 leadership best practice behaviors necessary for organizations to develop a vision, achieve team alignment, and execute an action plan. Through the assessment, leaders come to understand their leadership behaviors and how they impact effectiveness. This program is an opportunity for leaders of all levels to reflect on how they approach each step of their work and their team and organization discussions.

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About Action-Strategies-By-Design:

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