Everything You Need To Know About DiSC Training Certification in Austin, TX

If your business is like many other companies in the Austin area, employee retention is a challenging area due to what employment experts are now calling “The Great Resignation”. The Austin area is a fantastic place to grow your business, with robust infrastructure, a deep talent pool, and amazing quality of life. However, it can cost many times more to hire a new employee than to retain an existing one, so you still need to make the most of all the tools at your disposal.

Training and career development are crucial in retaining skilled personnel, and DiSC Certification is an excellent way for your business to improve in these areas. So, here is everything you need to know about DiSC certification in Austin, TX.

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What Is DiSC?

DiSC is used by more than one million people annually as a personal assessment tool that improves workplace productivity, teamwork, and communication. With the DiSC program companies learn how to manage internal conflict, improve productivity, build trust within your team, develop an appreciation for diversity of thought, and increase manager effectiveness.

The name is an acronym that stands for the four personality profiles described in the DiSC model:



Those with D personalities are confident people who emphasize accomplishing bottom-line results.



People with I personalities emphasize relationships and persuading or influencing others and tend to be more open.



People with S personalities emphasize cooperation and sincerity and are usually very dependable.



Those with C personalities emphasize accuracy, quality, expertise, and competency.

Nobody is assessed as being entirely of one category or another. Instead, the assessment shows a person’s main strengths and weaknesses and helps to identify areas that can be improved and how that individual can work best within a team.

How DiSC Can Benefit Your Organization

DiSC is used in organizations of all sizes and is already used by many in the Austin, TX. area. It can help to build stronger, more effective working relationships by:

raising self awareness

Raising self-awareness

DiSC profiles show your employees how to respond to conflict, what motivates them or stresses them out, and how they solve problems.

improving teamwork

Improving teamwork

DiSC profiles teach how to enhance communication and understanding among team members.

developing stronger sales skills

Developing stronger sales skills

DiSC profiles can also help with understanding and adapting to your customers’ styles, improving effectiveness in sales situations.

managing more effectively

Managing more effectively

Understanding their team members’ personalities and preferred working styles enables leaders to become more naturally effective.

DiSC Helps Companies With Organizational Success

By helping you understand your corporate culture, DiSC helps to address organizational development and enables you to change management issues. In addition, DiSC Profiles enable individuals to connect more effectively, forging connections that help your corporate culture improve. All of this is beneficial when implementing organizational development initiatives.

Every DiSC assessment contains in-depth results. These offer new approaches and include action plans that boost the productivity of individual employees. The individual boosts in productivity combine to give a more connected corporate culture, allowing employees to respond to organizational development with little or no disruption to their day-to-day responsibilities.

The DiSC Process

Your company will begin the DiSC process by registering online, giving a start date of your choice. Once this is done, your future DiSC facilitators will complete online training and a pre-workshop assessment. The next step is attending and actively participating in live, virtual sessions led by an instructor.

After these sessions, you or your company’s facilitators will complete an online Certification Exam and Certification Evaluation. Once the final evaluations are done, all that’s left is to schedule a debrief and preparation call, and your DiSC facilitators are ready to go.

Want To Learn More?

You should now have learned everything you need to know about DisC certification for your Austin, TX business, and can’t wait to get started. To get started earning your DiSC certification, contact Action Strategies today.

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