Boost Your Employee Retention Rates with an Everything DiSC
Certification in San Antonio TX

Historically, employee turnover has been an issue for businesses across the US; however, staffing has become an emergent situation in the aftermath of the pandemic. The same is true for San Antonio businesses, where the unemployment rate has improved, but businesses still struggle to fill occupancies. Modern businesses cannot find enough people to run their business and cannot afford to lose just one employee. Therefore, employee retention techniques are more critical than ever. It not only costs more to hire new employees, but it is nearly impossible to find new employees.

An Everything DiSC Certification in San Antonio Can Help Boost Employee Retention for Your Business

The best way to boost employee retention rates is by supporting your current employees by offering them accurate training and opportunities for further career development. Both training and career development courses demonstrate to your employees that you care about them and their growth within their careers. This positive work culture allows employees to feel compensated, safe and supported when at work.

Employees who feel supported and comfortable will be much more productive and more likely to stay in their job position. Today’s employees want to be financially and emotionally fulfilled in the workplace, and if you don’t offer them the tools to do both, they will move on to another job. The average person changes jobs 11 times; you want to work hard to make your business the last stop for as many 

One business tool that can help you make this possible is the Everything DiSC Program. This tool contains a suite of products that helps managers better understand the employees they oversee. By understanding how employees think, respond, and react to praise or constructive criticism, you can manage them in a style they will respond to, creating stronger relationships and better management opportunities.

What Can DiSC Certification Do for Your Business in San Antonio?

Millions of companies across the nation, including many Fortune 500 companies, have obtained DiSC certification to utilize the program within their workplaces. It is extremely popular among businesses that have accepted the value of knowledge management and an open workplace culture because it helps boost workplace relationships, communication skills, teamwork, and the productivity of team members.

everything disc certification

Breaking Down the DiSC Program

At this point, you are probably wondering how this program works. To use this tool, a management team member becomes certified in administering the DiSC program. They then use it to discover the unique personality profile of team members that they are tasked with managing. DiSC stands for the four personality profiles identified by the program: dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. As part of the program, each participant learns about their personality, strengths, and weaknesses. Most people land in several categories but have strengths in one particular area that can be adequately developed to boost comfort and productivity in the workplace.

Turn Around Your Workplace Culture with DiSC

DiSC is a national program used to help boost employee engagement in the workplace while also spurring personal and team development. Managers can better manage and organize their teams when they understand each employee’s personal needs. By understanding their personalities, they can address them correctly and utilize their strengths. Employees also receive their DiSC results which can help them focus on their strengths while actively working to address their weaknesses.

Grow Your Business with DiSC

Dozens of businesses of all sizes utilize DiSC. San Antonio SMEs and Fortune 500 companies can benefit from it because of the program:

managing more effectively

Allows Managers to Manger more Effectively

improving teamwork

Enhance Teamwork Skills

raising self awareness

Boost Self-Awareness

developing stronger sales skills

Create Stronger Sales Skills

Action Strategies By Design provide DiSC Certification in various areas including DallasAustin, Houston and San Antonio TX. Are you ready to reap the benefits of an Everything DiSC certification in San Antonio TX? Contact our team to learn how you can become a program facilitator via both live and virtual sessions.