For Everything DiSC® Facilitators: Creating a People-First Culture of Inclusion with Everything DiSC

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Recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce of high performing employees remain priority focuses for many organizations. A people-first culture of inclusion where employees feel heard, understood, and valued for the work they do is a critical component of achieving this goal.

A survey of 5,000 employees conducted by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. found when people feel valued they: 

  • Are more motivated 
  • Are more productive 
  • Feel a sense of belonging 

And perhaps most importantly given the potential “turnover tsunami”, employees who feel valued are more likely to stay with the organization and recommend it as a place to work. 

Everything DiSC® and especially the new Catalyst™ platform can be a tool for building a people-first culture of inclusion. A Harvard Business Journal article found that those organizations with the most inclusive cultures have what the authors refer to as a learning-oriented culture. They describe learning-oriented cultures as emphasizing flexibility, open-mindedness, and exploration. Benefits of this type of culture include adaptability and innovation.   

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The DiSC® model helps people move up the ladder from judging differences to understanding, appreciating, and ultimately valuing those differences. DiSC provides a common language and forum for gaining greater insights into differing perspectives and identifying the strengths that each style brings to the situation. These discussions help team members feel heard, understood, and valued. 

Here are three ways leaders can use Everything DiSC on Catalyst to create a culture of inclusion: 

  • On the Catalyst platform have each team member watch at least one video about each style. Ask them to identify a colleague in each of the four DiSC styles and make note of one thing they appreciate about the colleague. Have each person share during a team meeting. 
  • Have team members identify a DiSC style they want to work with more effectively. Ask them to review tips for working more effectively with that style on Catalyst and pick one tip to try with a colleague who has the DiSC style they want to work with more effectively. 

  • Ask team members to meet one-on-one to explore the Colleagues section of Catalyst and discuss: how they are similar; how they are different; how similarities and differences are reflected in the way they work together; and how they can use the information to work more effectively together.  

Culture is built over time through consistent focus. Everything DiSC on Catalyst provides a way to embed the desired behaviors into the culture. It equips leaders with a tool create a people-first culture of inclusion where people feel heard, understood, and valued. 

If you would like to explore ways that your organization can create a people-first culture of inclusion using Everything DiSC on Catalyst please reach out. 

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