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Building High Performance Teams

Imagine if your team were perfectly aligned around a common purpose. If each team member consistently lived the organization’s values. If everyone clearly saw the vision and pulled together toward its realization. What would it be like to lead this team? What could you accomplish?

Alignment around purpose, values, and vision is essential to creating a high-performing team. Yet research conducted by Wiley Publishing found that 65% of team members said they had little or no training or guidance around how to get into alignment. Perhaps that is why there are so few high-performing teams. Research conducted by Integro Leadership Institute shows that alignment requires a high level of trust. If trust is low alignment will always be low.

Join Keith Ayers, president of Integro Leadership Institute and author of Engagement is Not Enough and explore:

  • Why trust is critical to team alignment
  • A method for measuring your team’s alignment on purpose, values, vision, goals, priorities, and roles
  • Specific actions you and your team can take to build trust and create alignment