Agility Unlocked: Agility and EQ

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Agility Unlocked: Agility and EQ

Agile leaders create agile workplaces. Organizations and employees must adapt to rapid changes within the world and their own company, but how do employees learn to be agile in the face of change? As leaders it is our job to help empower our employees. By training employees how to handle upcoming changes and be overall more flexible will lead them to greater agility.

Flexibility is the cornerstone of emotional intelligence. With a higher level of emotional intelligence leaders view their employees problems and needs as their own, leading to an increase of trust between management and employee.

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  • How empowering employees can shape an organization
  • The value of EQ in the workplace
  • The psychology of the Agile worker and how it affects not only themselves but their teammates
  • The 8 Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ Mindsets