5 Quick Team Building Tips

Having a connected team is crucial for your business’ success, but achieving a high-performing and high-achieving team is not possible without effort.

A truly high-functioning team will eliminate redundancy while increasing expert execution and more efficient decision making.

Accomplishing this level of productivity amongst your team will require more than the typical office ice-breakers if you’re looking for some creative ways to get your team members on the same page check out my tips!

You may have a team of highly qualified and strong individual workers, but if you’re not using everyone’s strengths adequately, then you’re not taking full advantage of the benefits of your team.

1. Clear Direction

Teamwork makes the dream work if everyone is on the same page. You must ensure that all members have a clear understanding of your organization’s mission and values.

While everyone has a different purpose within the company, they must each understand the objectives of the company to perform their roles best.

2. Celebrate Successes

Encouragement and recognition can go a long way when keeping employees happy. Acknowledging smaller achievements such as staying late to finish a project are just as important as celebrating the bigger ones.

Let your employees know why you value them by sharing their accomplishments and how it has helped the overall business. It should go without saying, but when the team is successful, your business will be successful.

3. Digital Connection

Think about how many of your employees and co-workers you’ve seen scrolling through their phone screens throughout the day.

This may be the easiest and most effective way to connect with team members considering how many people have smartphones today.

Downloading some of these apps will be a quick and easy way to start building those personal relationships between team members:

  • Share project ideas and brainstorm with the iBrainstorm app
  • Get out of the office and work together to complete tasks with GoGame
  • Laugh a little with your team members after answering ridiculous questions on Wealthy Walrus

4. Interdepartmental Brainstorming

One of the biggest setbacks that may be plaguing your company is the rigidity keeping different areas of the organization from working together.

Mixing roles and departments can have a huge impact by introducing fresh ideas and new perspectives to different problems or tasks.

Throughout the year create small tasks that require teams made up of different departments, this will allow team members to gain an understanding of different business functions while developing personal relationships with co-workers.

5. Give Them Space

While nobody wants to see a team member fail, especially in your business, it’s inevitable that team members will make mistakes along the road.

In these cases, you must remember that your employees cannot grow if they don’t have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes or face a challenge head on.

Don’t forget that you hired them for a reason, give them the autonomy to tackle problems head on while offering support from the sideline.

So, incorporate these ideas into your office today to get your team working on the same page!

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