10 Signs a Business May Need to Unlock the Potential of its People & Harness the Power of Teamwork

I have a core belief that drives nearly all aspects of my life: I belief that all too frequently we make life much harder than it has to be. This belief drives:

  • The way I pour my coffee (milk first so I don’t have to use a spoon to stir it);
  • The way I cook (nothing that requires more than a couple of pans and a few ingredients);
  • The car I drive (reliability is my top criteria because having a car that is not reliable makes life harder);
  • The vendors I work with (if you make it hard to work with you I won’t be working with you);
  • And most importantly the way we interact with clients.

While success requires effort it does not have to require struggle and strife. In fact, results suffer when there is struggle and strife. Think about a rowing team that is struggling to stay in sync. This team is not going to be nearly as successful as one who expends the same amount of effort and is perfectly synchronized.

It is no different the teams of people we lead at work. Maximum results are only achieved when everyone is contributing at their maximum potential and working together toward a common vision. And it is the leader who holds the keys to unlocking the potential of their team.

How do you know if your business (or a business you know) could benefit from unlocking the potential of people and harnessing the power of teamwork?

  1. Staff lack commitment – doing just enough to get by
  2. Partners are at odds with each other and it is hurting the business
  3. The business owner or CEO is doing too much that others could or should be doing
  4. The leadership team is not on the same page and results are suffering
  5. There is lack of communication and teamwork leading to inefficiencies and unhealthy conflict
  6. The company is losing staff it would like to keep (and keeping staff it would like to lose)
  7. Staff are not bought into the vision – slowing progress and hurting productivity
  8. Too many priorities are leading to a lack of focus so nothing gets done
  9. Lack of execution is resulting in slipped deadlines, missed targets and poor results
  10. The business cannot function without daily intervention by the business owner

What can you do if you see any of these signs?

  • Develop a set of clearly defined values that drive decision making
  • Establish a clear focus so staff know what to expect and what is expected
  • Communicate the vision or goal clearly, compellingly and frequently
  • Establish an environment of respect
  • Recognize, appreciate and value the strengths each person brings to the table
  • Focus on what people are doing right even more frequently than what they are doing wrong
  • Provide staff with an opportunity to learn, grow, provide input and make decisions.

What can you expect if you implement these recommendations?

A fully engaged staff that works together as a cohesive team maximizes results and gives an organization an edge that is nearly impossible – if not impossible – for a competitor to copy. Everyone benefits: the leader, staff, customers and owners/investors.

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